Q Puzzle

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Out of the Closet, Into the Locker Room

1 Gay pride parade sight
6 P-town eatery ___ and Ursie’s
10 Beginning of “Hairspray”
14 Pasolini’s sweet
15 Greek queen of heaven
16 Rank Amelie Mauresmo, e.g.
17 Train that comes quickly
18 Pleasured in bed
19 Trick joint, maybe
20 WNBA team of 49-Across
23 Preposition that goes either way
24 Start of a prayer by the bed
25 Like a weeping drag queen’s mascara
29 Peter and more
31 Papers of W.H. Auden
34 Extensions, to Julia Morgan
35 College team of 49-Across
37 “Bus Stop” playwright
38 Significant others
39 Drag queen’s gay blade?
40 49-Across won this in three Olympic Games
42 Dismal, to Dickinson
43 Lanka head
44 Of a chain from Nureyev’s homeland
45 Start of a diary entry by Anais Nin?
46 Direction from The Naked Chef
48 Rubber ducky’s spot
49 WNBA player who just came out
55 Sculptor Stebbins
56 What Stipe holds close to his mouth
57 Shakespearean role for Charlotte Cushman
59 Fashion line?
60 Lake traveled by Ohio ferries
61 Out of this world
62 Tools for Whitman and Byron
63 Kristy McNichol sitcom “Empty ___ ”
64 Mount

1 AZT approver
2 Alan Cummings’ lake
3 It slicks Feniger’s pan
4 Sometime defender of gay rights
5 Prick stimulators
6 Sevigny of “Boys Don’t Cry”
7 Like some meat
8 “Is It a Choice?” author Marcus
9 Gay icon and a religious icon
10 Cockeyed
11 Length seldom mentioned in chatrooms?
12 Links athletic supporters
13 Ox tail?
21 Take a crack at
22 “New York Times Magazine” editor Adam
25 Swallows at the Eagle
26 Kind of key, for Jerry Herman
27 “___ in New York” (tribute to Quentin Crisp)
28 Dated
29 Piece of a pansy
30 Jump for Doug Mattis
32 Haul ass
33 Homonym for Chastity’s mom
35 Cry of pride
36 Scarlett’s plantation
38 Robin’s gay guys
41 Gay beach near San Francisco
42 Laura portrayer in “Tea and Sympathy”
45 Ambiguously Gay ___
47 New York Liberty and Seattle Storm
48 Birdcage sound
49 Nemesis of Tinkerbell
50 Old money, to a lesbica
51 Biathlete’s slats
52 Game played astride the well-hung
53 Arab head
54 Goes out with
55 Gaydar, for example
58 “A Chorus Line” song

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