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Q Puzzle

By |2005-11-24T09:00:00-05:00November 24th, 2005|Entertainment|
An Unusual Pair

1 Antisodomy and Jude?
5 Bear that may be a minor
9 Bit spit out by a computer
14 Loads
15 Dancer Taylor
16 Maurice of “Bewitched”
17 Old word for a gay activist
19 Clinton’s “___ in Joyland”
20 Musical with Nathan and Matthew
22 John of Barrie’s land
23 Dottermans of “Antonia’s Line”
24 “It’s All Relative,” e.g.
28 Was out in front
29 Where a cobbler puts the tongue
31 Nero’s breakfast
32 Fruit in a slot machine
35 Matthew’s role in 20-Across
36 Matthew’s role in 55-Across
38 Lesbian character in “She’s Gotta Have It”
39 Lupino of “Women’s Prison”
40 Actress Collette
41 Nathan’s role in 55-Across
43 Nathan’s role in 20-Across
44 Women-only part of Arab household
45 Type of drama in the land of Samurai
46 Judy or Barbra, for example
48 Etheridge album “___, I Am”
49 Give lip service?
51 Stud site
52 River of Ulrichs’ country
55 Play with Nathan and Matthew
59 Montgomery Clift’s hometown
62 “The Price of Salt” author Patricia
63 “Over my dead body!”
64 Like 36-Across
65 Guilty or not guilty, to Perry Mason
66 Lammy, for one
67 Cather’s “One of ___ ”
68 Belgrade native

1 “Jack & Bobby” actress Christine
2 Island glad-hand word
3 George Cukor film, with “The”
4 “Bus ___ ”
5 Cover the ass of
6 Police actions at Stonewall and other bars
7 George Takei role
8 Mapa of “Some of My Best Friends”
9 Take off your shorts?
10 Seaman’s “Stop!”
11 Divine co-star Hunter
12 Single, in gay Paree
13 Papers of W.H. Auden
18 Stroke your boa, e.g.
21 Kahlo’s that
25 Pink, for one
26 Like Mary’s follower
27 “Rose is a rose is a rose,” e.g.
28 Cross-dresser in a Kinks song
29 Hardtop
30 Trick
32 Fruitcakes
33 Race site in Auden’s land
34 The Village People’s ” ___ Man”
35 Bride and bride’s vehicle
37 Vowels of Sappho
42 “Shattered Love” autobiographer Chamberlain
44 Submarine sandwiches
47 Mandy Patinkin’s “Evita” role
48 Pleasure craft
50 Colette’s “The ___ One”
51 J. ___ Hoover
52 Loads, to Gomer?
53 Get a tattoo or a piercing, perhaps
54 Go straight
56 Cry after getting the shaft
57 Debussy’s deity
58 Dave Pallone and others
59 “Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof”
60 Sound from a small pussy cat
61 Gardner of “Show Boat”

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