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Q Puzzle

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1 Master’s partner
6 Oscar-night transport
10 Danny of “Hans Christian Andersen”
14 Circles over Mary and Peter
15 Theocritus creation
16 Straight
17 Long Island town
18 It’s glorious, in “Oliver!”
19 ” ___ It Like Beckham”
20 City with a Fruit Loop
23 Like a meticulous bottom?
24 Verse of Shakespeare, e.g.
28 NCAA jock org.
31 Lennon partner
32 Part of Q and A (abbr.)
33 “Village Voice” columnist Hentoff
34 City with a Fruit Loop
37 Walk like a man of a certain age
39 Stats from “A League of Their Own”
40 Pink diamond, for one
42 Sophie B. Hawkins’ “The Cream Will ___”
43 Get a piece of the pie, in “The Jeffersons”
46 City with a Fruit Loop
49 Latina writer Castillo
50 Where a trucker parks his bottom
52 Kevin Bacon in “Footloose”
53 Areas for Dr. Kerry Weaver
54 Barney, who romanced Romaine
56 Queer one
58 City of Harvey Milk
63 Colette’s Parisian heroine
66 Series of concerts for Etheridge
67 Calvin of underwear
68 Drag queen’s leg scraper
69 Art Deco design name
70 Tickle pink
71 Clive Barker product
72 Silence for Bernstein
73 Goes out with
1 Olivia cruiser
2 S/M unit
3 “Gypsy”‘s “___ Need Is the Girl”
4 “Ta-da!” to Debussy
5 Kahlo’s tongue
6 Like many monogamous couples
7 Clay Aiken was almost one
8 Problem for a looker?
9 Experienced masturbator?
10 Meat on a skewer
11 Liberty, in “QAF”
12 Long, to a Samurai?
13 “The Living ___ “
21 Carvey who cross-dressed as the Church Lady
22 Britney Spears’ “___ Curious”
25 Color of a “Girls” band
26 Subject of pointed rebuke?
27 Second part of a foot, in 24-Across
28 Very old hairy guy?
29 Long one for the mouth
30 Wilde’s tie, perhaps
35 “Cat” inspirer’s monogram
36 Martin of the Daughters of Bilitis
38 Eminem’s mentor Dr. ___
41 Funny Cho
44 NCAA home of the Bruins
45 Francis Bacon, for example
47 Made out
48 Like sweaters that show off chest hair
51 Peter Allen’s “Once ___ I Go”
55 B. D. Wong, for one
57 “To ___ Mockingbird”
59 Places to get stuck
60 Top target
61 Quote gay historian George Chauncey, e.g.
62 They’re pretty straight on the Kinsey Scale
63 Like the “fruit loop” section of a city
64 Boyzone’s “Isn’t ___ Wonder”
65 Warning from Toto

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