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Q Puzzle

By | 2006-01-26T09:00:00-05:00 January 26th, 2006|Entertainment|
Changing Roles

1 Like a hisser shaped like a pisser
6 Head of “the Family”
11 Swallow alternative
15 De Wolfe of design
16 Ross of “The Wiz”
17 Irish tongue
18 Food, clothing, shelter, and sex?
19 “The Seven Samurai” director Kurosawa
20 Hole opening?
21 Movie in which Felicity Huffman played a pre-op MTF
24 Saint, in Rio
25 Doesn’t feel up
26 Be a pain in the ass to
28 Experienced hand
31 Four, often, to Sheehan
34 Get dirty
35 Lesbian opponent of Wade
36 The ___ beat (masochistic partner?)
38 Mauve hanky delight
40 Movie about an Irish cross-dresser in the ’70s
44 Tone of many Stein photos
45 Field of Ursula Le Guin
46 Alleged percentage of the population that’s gay
47 Noble title for Chablis
48 Popular fruit drink
49 Fondle
52 Rent collector
54 Artist Capone
55 Lubricant
56 Movie about Barry Winchell and Calpernia Addams, with “A”
63 Guinness of “The Lavender Hill Mob”
65 Greeks’ operation against the Trojans, e.g.
66 ___ Coyote (one who wants to eat the Road Runner)
67 Paper for those who don’t pay rent
68 Rosie’s favorite dolls
69 Big name in the land of Wan Yan Hai
70 Folsom Street Fair mo.
71 What squirrels do with their nuts
72 Sounds like Fierstein

1 Tickled pink
2 Glenn Burke, formerly
3 Where to find Moby Dick
4 Emulate the SLA with Patty Hearst
5 Response of privates
6 Affleck’s “Chasing Amy” crush
7 “Some ___ It Hot”
8 Bear’s den
9 Letters over Mary’s son
10 Org. chaired by gay-supportive Julian Bond
11 Agcy. that sued Martha Stewart
12 Pay to play advocate?
13 Circumcisors of old
14 Peter Pears, for one
22 Hard to get close to
23 Greek fabulist
27 Type of kiss
28 Heavenly balls
29 Marilyn Monroe role
30 Enjoying a bed nonsexually
31 Joe of “JFK”
32 Room at the top
33 It’s over your head
37 Nobel prize winner John
39 Many, many moons
41 Quilt subject
42 Cold-cocks
43 More like nelly?
50 Comeback
51 Word for “queen” that rhymes with “vagina”
52 Male deliveries?
53 Pink shades
54 Witherspoon of “The Importance of Being Earnest”
57 Gay tune
58 Barney Frank, in brief
59 “Firebird” composer Stravinsky
60 Society’s problems, like racism and homophobia
61 Gather, after spilling one’s seed
62 Hawaiian garlands
64 Summer hrs. in Saugatuck

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