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The name “Eve” (from All About Eve) appears within the theme entries.

All About a Part in a Movie

1 Put the top on the cake
5 “The Celluloid Closet” author Vito
10 “How queer!”
14 Terse oral refusal
15 “Ring My Bell” singer Ward
16 Site of the first World Pride celebration
17 Writer for “The L Word”
20 SASE, for Brendan Lemon
21 Votes for, for Frank
22 Pair, to Magnus Hirschfeld
23 The Outband singer Doug
25 Margo Channing’s understudy, e.g.
28 Dancer Tommy
29 Larry Kramer’s alma mater
31 Meaty Mexican dish
32 Goes lickety-split
35 Wine region south of the Russian River
37 Get behind
38 Eleanor, who loved Franklin and Lorena
41 Tiny balls
44 “Diana” singer
45 Tchaikovsky pieces
49 Package appreciation cries
51 Opera solos
53 “It Sucks To ___” (“Avenue Q”)
54 Phone sex initiators
56 “The Wapshot Chronicle” author
59 Layer beneath two plastic brides
60 Tough guy penetrator
61 “Meet Me in St. Louis” writer Brecher
62 Barry Humphries character
66 Move the ball between your legs
67 Avoid going straight
68 Cicero’s way
69 Curtis, who dressed as a woman in “Some Like It Hot”
70 Drag spikes
71 They may be queen-size

1 Eats
2 Put notches on the bedpost, e.g.
3 Androgynous
4 Bear necessity
5 Artist Arlene
6 Not promiscuous?
7 Ian McKellen and Elton John
8 Marie, in Montmartre (abbr.)
9 Bit of grain for a granola lesbian
10 Like a “Man of La Mancha” knight
11 Of balls, e.g.
12 It takes “trans” as a prefix in a Felicity Huffman movie title
13 Article of Rainer Maria Rilke
18 Optimist’s place for a cock?
19 Work ___ sweat
24 Shoot off to the side
25 Navratilova, for one
26 Tent that’s open at the top
27 Drink with fruitcake
30 What you might lend Marc Antony
33 “___ good turn daily” (Boy Scouts motto)
34 Whale finder
36 A. Earhart concern
39 Biathlete’s slats
40 Rhyme and container for lube
41 Muscle Mary’s pride
42 Brian on ice
43 “Hairspray” scorer Marc
46 Family member, to a homophobe
47 Came out
48 Mauresmo and King, on offense
50 One of the Disney dwarfs
52 “Julia” co-star Maximilian
55 Preposition for Byron
57 Queen bees rule them
58 “All About ___ ” (movie and theme of this puzzle)
60 Seasoning for Rick Rodgers
62 P-town summer hrs.
63 Teasdale’s first letter in Morse Code
64 Chicago-to-Saugatuck dir.
65 Part of Adam that became Steve?

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