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Q Puzzle

By |2017-10-31T07:52:34-04:00October 31st, 2017|Entertainment|
The Love That Dare

1 Boob tubes for looking at boobs on “The L Word”
4 Rob of “Melrose Place”
9 Butch, to Sundance
12 Prop for Etheridge’s “Talking to My Angel”?
14 Painter Frida
15 Rowlands of “An Early Frost”
16 Privy to
17 “The Seven-Year Itch” costar with Monroe
18 Sex party
19 Triangular desert
21 “Showboat”‘s “Nobody ___ But Me”
22 Arouse
23 “The Family of Max Desir” writer Robert
25 Bette of “Bette”
27 “More! More!” on Broadway
30 The Bee Gees’ “___ Me”
32 Places for Whitman’s bloomers?
34 Come out in the long run
38 What little things mean, in a Cher song
39 Enjoyed water sports
41 Part of YMCA
42 They nest in your closet
44 Results of too much intercourse?
46 “The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of ___ Green”
48 Pirate’s bird
49 Ballets Russes founder Diaghilev
52 Jaguar’s prey
54 Point of view intro, at Gay.com
55 Sweet opening?
57 Takes advantage of a sucker?
61 Wasn’t straight
62 Emulates Bruce Hayes
64 African queen
65 They’re performing, in “Fame”
66 Sea eagles
67 Hot to trot
68 Old streaker over the Atlantic
69 Winona of “Girl, Interrupted”
70 They made laws against O. Wilde’s love life

1 The Indigo Girls’ “___ Line”
2 Weathercock
3 Plug away
4 Scrape by, with “out”
5 One that cuts woody material
6 Groundbreaking gay romance novel of 15-Down
7 Julia Morgan wings
8 Down in the mouth
9 Unsafe sex, e.g.
10 Avoid going straight
11 Put one on top of the other
13 Second gay romance novel of 15-Down
15 Leader in gay romance novels
20 “A ___ Nice Prince” (“Into the Woods”)
24 Word before admiral, in the navy
26 Sodom suffix
27 Big cheese in Amsterdam
28 Publisher of same-sex couples’ legal guide
29 Crotchety sort
31 Visitor at lesbianation.com
33 Lorca’s pink
35 What you may call your life partner
36 Disengage a bra hook
37 Oral attention getter
40 “Ed Wood” star Johnny
43 Cross-dresser Jeanne d’Arc, for one
45 Type of Mary pass
47 Snake, when making noise
49 Marner, of a female writer named George
50 Eastern positions
51 “Gone with the Wind” character
53 ” ___ and Jaguar”
56 Olympic runner Ray
58 Warhol critic Greenberg
59 “Do Not Enter,” with “out”
60 Niles and Frasier to Martin
63 Old abbr. of Nureyev’s land

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BTL Staff
Between The Lines has been publishing LGBTQ-related content in Southeast Michigan since the early '90s. This year marks the publication's 27th anniversary.