Q Puzzle

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To Err Is Human

1 Triangle, e.g.
6 Place where men wear makeup
11 Spit four-letter words
15 Bruce Weber’s ” ___ Room with a View”
16 “Let’s hit the sheets!”
17 Painting and such, to da Vinci
18 Prefix with butch or right-wing
19 Beat Generation poet Ginsberg
20 Crack investigator?
21 Words to a self-stimulator?
24 Land of Lev.
25 Competitor of Barneys
26 Public lavatory sign
27 Many summer residents of Fire Island
29 Fare not worthy of James Beard
32 One that comes quickly, formerly
33 Shoot off to the side
34 Pansy, for one
36 Words from top to bottom?
41 Aaron of “Latter Days”, for one
42 It might go right to the bottom
45 Come together
48 Click it to go to PlanetOut
49 Really enjoyed a Star Canyon restaurant
52 International Male’s business, e.g.
54 Flier with a sharp butt
55 Sarah Schulman novel ” ___ Bohemia”
56 Words after oral sex?
61 k.d. lang record label
62 Like Diana
63 The Village People’s kind of man
65 “East of Eden” director Kazan
66 100 smackers
67 Foucault’s final word
68 Robert of “The Brady Bunch”
69 Dropped hankie and such
70 Songwriter Holly’s family

1 Taiwanese writer ___ Yu-shen
2 Pope’s jurisdiction
3 Matt Coles, for one
4 Cole Porter’s Indiana hometown
5 Come and go
6 Sneaks around Barbra’s mansion
7 They’re tossed off into a basket
8 Ready and willing partner?
9 Turned right, when moving your ass
10 Barry Humphries’ Dame
11 Robert Drake’s “The Gay ___ ”
12 Planet that’s the butt of some jokes?
13 Second part of Shakespeare’s iamb
14 Like Roger Peyrefitte’s novel friendships
22 Un-civil union of the ’50s between Egypt and Syr.
23 Two-footer?
24 “Meet Me in St. Louis” writer Brecher
28 Drop ___ (moon)
29 One side of Ed Wood
30 On the down ___
31 Be in the hole
34 Lebowitz or Drescher
35 Places to get stuck
37 Scrabble piece that often goes with the Q
38 Baudelaire’s bag
39 “Notorious ___ ”
40 Rozema who directed “I Heard the Mermaids Singing”
43 Type of bar or daddy
44 Summer hrs. in Saugatuck
45 It regularly blows its top
46 Prima ballerina
47 Hugh of “Life with Judy Garland”
49 Some Greek tales
50 Subj. for those of a different tongue
51 Very old hairy guy?
53 “___ you loud and clear!”
54 Earp, who shot off at the O.K. Corral
57 Rainbow shape
58 “My Life in High Heels” autobiographer Anderson
59 Daughters of Bilitis co-founder Phyllis
60 Go in only partway, at the beach
64 Suffix with lecher

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