Q Puzzle

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Patricks on Parade

1 “Sphincter” author Ginsberg
6 Man who can become a queen
10 Barney Frank, in brief
14 Pop one’s cork
15 Spread it on your muffin
16 Like McKellen’s Magneto
17 Meat-filled treats
18 Place for a Rivera mural
19 Tickle pink
20 Movie in which Neil Patrick Harris played gay, with “The”
23 “Happy New ___” (“Rent” song)
24 Head lines?
25 Claire Morgan-Patricia Highsmith bridge
28 Performed, for Byron
31 Mortimer, with a wooden head
35 It may stimulate the eyes
37 Threesome
38 Cut
39 TV movie in which Patrick Wilson played a gay Mormon
42 Fence straddler
43 Fill with freight
44 Golden Gate Park lake
45 “Bust a Nut” band
46 Shopping aids
48 Part of Q and A (abbr.)
49 Org. that promises to be “morally straight”
51 Lions, Tigers, or Bears
53 Play about gay teens by Robert Patrick
59 Romantic island for gay honeymoons
60 “Beat it!”
61 ___ Gay
63 Lock on Bernadette Peters
64 Time that drags
65 Like a queen
66 Laura Nyro’s “___ Him on a Sunday”
67 They may be split
68 Rupert Everett’s ” ___ Beauty”

1 Guy under J. Edgar?
2 Let out
3 Make more potent
4 Sticky stuff
5 Placed one inside another
6 Penetrating tool
7 “Uh-oh!” to Shelley
8 World of Ulrichs
9 Streisand’s “Prince of Tides” costar
10 Oldham and Saint Laurent
11 Straight
12 Dynasty long before the Carringtons
13 Gershick’s “Gay ___ Girls”
21 Tries to get a rise out of
22 Artist Eva
25 Word used to stop seamen
26 “Roots” character at the top of the family tree
27 Protection
29 Triangle-shaped peninsula
30 Plants not in the morel majority?
32 Madonna title role
33 Cruising without asking or telling?
34 Pulls out one’s shooter
36 Erected properly
40 Will and Grace shared one
41 Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter, e.g.
47 They may stick out in front of cavalrymen
50 Controversial path for same-sex partners
52 Contemporary of Bonheur
53 Oz creator
54 Attempt to seduce
55 Blackball
56 Toss in one’s hand
57 Madonna taught this in 20-Across
58 Loose woman, in the land of Sarah Waters
59 AT&T rival
62 Its head may be enjoyed orally

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