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Q Puzzle

By | 2006-03-23T09:00:00-05:00 March 23rd, 2006|Entertainment|
Fore Fun

1 Tiny stick
5 From A to B, to Debussy
9 Many a painting by Frida’s Diego
14 Follower of bears
15 S/M root
16 Swiftly, to Shakespeare
17 “Peanuts” character named for Sheehan?
20 Rock-bottom
21 Jack in Mexico?
22 Eng. class about Wilde
23 Dottermans of “Antonia’s Line”
24 Sometime label of David Bowie
26 Jethrene ___ (Max Baer’s cross-dressing role)
29 Ellen to Vance
31 With 37- and 46-Across, emulating Rosie’s family?
33 One who looks into crystal balls
34 Will off the set
36 Liberty, in “QAF”
37 See 31-Across
40 James Dean’s “East of Eden” role
41 Pussy sound
42 Treated a swollen member
46 See 31-Across
48 Tune out
50 Go ___ (freak out)
51 “Fifth Beatle” Sutcliffe
52 Spitfire fliers, for short
53 Prone
54 Out ___ (drunk)
57 Hose down
59 Quick bread named for Spencer-Devlin?
63 Terence Stamp movie, with “The”
64 Doesn’t feel up
65 Prey for chicken hawks?
66 Bridge bid, briefly
67 Treats as a sexual object
68 ” ___ of Seventeen”

1 Like a stripper with the job half-done
2 Uplifting gesture by Dykes on Bikes?
3 Stalemate
4 Takes in
5 Georgia once, but not O’Keeffe
6 Locale for Gay Day at Busch Gardens
7 Warhol pal ___ Sedgwick
8 Tools for Whitman and Byron
9 Where to find San Francisco and Provincetown
10 Work ___ sweat
11 Step on your first mate’s ladder
12 Peter Paige’s interest
13 Philippines island
18 To be in Rimbaud’s arms
19 Canadian gay magazine
25 Kind of cut
27 Colorful fish
28 Louganis’ invitation to eat?
30 Taking a cut?
31 They get blown
32 Sound in a Star Canyon restaurant?
35 Coleridge work
38 Request from one’s knees
39 Boob, to a Brit
40 Edith Head concern
43 Like those who nibble around the ears?
44 Using a rubber
45 Man-to-man, to Sue Wicks
46 Bi singer Janis
47 Fruit flavor for gin
49 Wise guy
50 Paul, to Puig
51 Concern of Todd Oldham
55 Wife in Rilke’s homeland
56 “The Unicorn” author Murdoch
58 “___ Walked Into My Life” (song from “Mame”)
60 Dusk, to Dickinson
61 Invitation letters
62 Papers of W.H. Auden

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