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May 1, 2006
“Movies That Just Fell Short”

1 Cathedral of Hope area
5 Say aloud, with “out”
9 Go down (on)
13 Key West storm prelude
14 Protected, to seamen
15 “Firebird” composer Stravinsky
16 Gay couple adopting?
19 She played tomb raider Lara
20 Sam of “Jurassic Park”
21 Beauty that’s only skin deep
22 Skater Linda of the first lesbian pair team
23 “Gross Anatomy” actress Christine
26 Morgan Fairchild’s “Roseanne” character
28 Thurman of “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”
29 It may slip over one’s head
31 What you might be in when you’re out
35 Pair of swinging couples?
38 Q to a Scrabble player
39 Martin of “That Certain Summer”
40 Skeptical ejaculation
41 Short partner
43 Eat away at
45 Abercrombie & Fitch buying binges
48 Heterosexual relations didn’t bring her into the world
49 Saw opening about being human?
50 “Boots of Leather” coauthor Davis
55 Football team with no tight ends to tackle?
57 “Showboat”‘s “Nobody ___ But Me”
58 “Love Is Not All” poet St. Vincent Millay
59 Key opening
60 Did a head job?
61 ____ Abby
62 “You’ve Got Mail” female

1 Records, to Lambda Legal Defense
2 One with a round head
3 Plug away
4 Peter Paige’s “Queer as Folk” character
5 “Shut your pie hole!”
6 “The Spell” author Hollinghurst

7 She played Glinda in “The Wiz”
8 Was out in front
9 His museum is in Las Vegas
10 On the other hand
11 Lord Byron, for one
12 How Kate Clinton’s humor is delivered
17 GLAMA award winner Valby
18 Of a rear entrance
22 Type of paper used in Pride parade floats
23 Judy’s daughter Lorna
24 Mine, to Verlaine
25 Word before ass
26 Dayan of the land of the cut
27 To date, but not to go out with
30 Sites for dates
32 Lorca’s eight
33 Anthropologist Margaret
34 Queens stadium name
36 What Billie Jean did after lets
37 Virgin’s complaint?
42 ._.. ___ queer, get used to it!”
44 Use for support
45 It goes under a jockey’s shorts
46 “Along Came ___ ” (2004 movie)
47 Witherspoon of “Sweet Home Alabama”
48 Second name in cross-dressing
50 Like some beds
51 “Tales of the City”‘s Madrigal
52 Britney Spears’ ____ Curious”
53 Songwriter Holly
54 Singer on “Lord of the Rings” soundtrack
56 Composer Rorem

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