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May 15, 2006
“Friend and Lovers”

1 Gay-friendly Barrett
5 “South Park” composer Shaiman
9 Records “The L Word”
14 The Gay ’90s, and more
15 Spit it out, with confidence
16 Wilde in France
17 She played a friend of Truman in “Capote”
20 Needed some BenGay
21 In stitches, to Edith Head
22 Pull a fast one
23 Pro-gay perspective and others
25 Mattachine org.
27 Bowie collaborator
28 Number of gays in a group of 100 people?
29 Cross-dresser Joan of “””
32 “Odd Girl Out” author
34 Young man’s part in Shakespeare’s day
37 They have foamy heads
38 She played a lover of 17-Across in “Being John Malkovich”
40 Start of a Sappho title, perhaps
42 Put some oil on
43 They have hourglass figures
45 Logo for a Dean Cain role
46 Blood classification syst.
49 Gregory Hines forte
50 “””” out!” (cry by Pallone)
52 Lambda Literary Award winner Greene
55 Montgomery Clift analyzed these in “Freud”
57 Porter’s fuel?
60 Top priorities
61 She played a lover of 17-Across in “Your Friends and Neighbors”
64 .”.. a “”” deferred” (Hughes)
65 Safe’s partner
66 Barely made, with “out”
67 He drilled Gomer Pyle
68 George Frenn statement?
69 It may be hard or soft

1 Change the actors in “Rent”
2 Ancient Greek seer
3 Lane of “The Producers”
4 Washed-out
5 Mo. of Mardi Gras, often
6 Nero’s bird
7 Director Norman of “Prelude to a Kiss”
8 Bodies of sailors
9 Ball holder
10 Tools for the Tin Woodsman
11 They might sit on your face
12 Blanche Wiesen Cook subject
13 Talks, to Jane Spahr
18 Summer hrs. at Key West
19 Attachment often found on drawers
24 “””-sex marriage
26 Log symbol of gay Republicans
30 Cicero’s queer
31 Twin made without sex
33 Straight, in a bar
34 Change from red to pink
35 What a drag queen may use on her nails
36 Actor John of “Nowhere” and “Flawless”
38 Benjamin Britten, for one
39 Star Canyon serving
40 Comes
41 1953 Marilyn Monroe film
44 Brief moments that sound like lovemaking?
46 State of polar bears
47 Director Clive of “Hellraiser”
48 Kind of kick, for Esera Tuaolo
51 Martini’s partner
53 Paul Newman role in “Exodus”
54 Continue to get “On Our Backs”
56 Without a date
58 Open a crack
59 Star Turner
62 Soul of Debussy
63 He’s a real doll

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