Q Puzzle

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May 22, 2006
“Which One Does What?”

1 Boot attachment for Jack Twist
5 Prep for a marathon, with “up”
9 Sykes of Monster-in-Law
14 Comedian Johnson
15 It’s for skin
16 From the top
17 One that can give you genital warts?
18 Actress Hartley
19 Betray, in a way
20 Start of a question about lesbian relationships
23 Antidiscrimination letters
24 Guitar master Paul
25 More of the question
30 ___ Girlz (Mo’nique movie)
34 Snatch
35 Erotic poet Wu ___
36 Openly gay California State Senator Kuehl
38 Transport to cloud nine
40 Company once owned by Howard Hughes
42 Not the main building
43 ___ out (dwindles, or how guys may approach an orgy?)
45 O-o-o-o-oklahoma, once (abbr.)
47 Hurdle for sr. testees
48 Fed. agents
49 More of the question
52 Kind of enc.
53 One cause of inflation?
54 End of the question
62 Navel unlikely to collect lint
63 Ian McKellen and Elton John
64 Way to address a dominatrix
66 Aptly-named author Charles
67 Frat party robe
68 Vidal’s Breckinridge
69 Madea portrayer Perry
70 One-armed bandit’s opening
71 Strong desires

1 Posed for Herb Ritts
2 Front of a frigate
3 Place for Young men?
4 Cash in
5 It takes balls to fire them
6 Live ___ (be in the closet, e.g.)
7 Pasta, in product names
8 One under Brian Epstein
9 They go to market
10 John, who was the first “Mr. Shirley Temple”
11 Cold war defense assn.
12 Diva Celine
13 A girl named Frank
21 More like Matthew Broderick’s Felix
22 Cackleberries are their fruit
25 Like a sad sack
26 Massachusetts town, which hunted witches
27 Go down
28 Feline, to Tweety Bird
29 Start of a sex manual title, perhaps
30 Its tip may be felt
31 Swinger’s joint?
32 Ready for anything
33 They make Uncle Sam put his hand in your pocket
37 Invisible Life novelist E. Lynn ___
39 Downing Street address of England’s head
41 WWI troop group
44 Lake of ballet
46 Shows great appreciation for, as a Kate Clinton set
50 A bank dick investigates them
51 Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” award
52 Look from Rupert Everett in Inspector Gadget
54 Suit material, perhaps
55 Nephew of Disney’s Donald Duck
56 It comes at the bottom of a list
57 Tammy Baldwin staffer
58 Six-stringed instrument
59 Therefore, to Descartes
60 Martha, who was married to Mark Harris
61 It’s a long story
65 Rainey and Kettle

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