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Q Puzzle

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“Vacation Destination”

1 ___ Springs (Southern California resort)
5 Lesbian romance book publisher
10 Where the Mets wave their sticks
14 R.E.M.’s “The ___ Love”
15 From the top
16 Fashion designer Oldham
17 Time for cowboys to shoot off
18 Chord type, to David Diamond
19 Stud fee?
20 Plague for payment
21 New York beach town
23 Footwear for Aspen
25 Above, to Byron
26 “L,” in box scores
27 P-town summer hrs.
29 YMCA activity
32 It’s a good thing
35 With 38-Across, Delaware destination
37 Fruit flavor for gin
38 See 35-Across
40 Butch’s part in a choir
41 Long Island vacation area, with “the”
43 Standing rule
44 Come out on the beach
45 The Advocate, briefly
46 Garfield’s sidekick
48 “Breakfast on Pluto” actor Stephen
50 Marlene of “Blonde Venus”
54 Russian River town
58 Born, to Bonheur
59 160 rods
60 ___ Chicks (country threesome)
61 “___ Get a Witness” (Marvin Gaye)
62 Voting group
63 Assumption of the virgin?
64 They crawl all over your mound
65 Right on a map
66 Hint of hue
67 Key ___ (Florida retreat)

1 Polliwog’s places
2 Aimee of “Pret a Porter”
3 Tea of “Fun with Dick and Jane”
4 Brief amount of secs?
5 Anticlimax
6 Wetland birds
7 Dens of bears
8 One with a tricky tongue
9 “The ___ Dick Show”
10 Rubberneck
11 Top student’s place
12 Ron Howard film with Ellen DeGeneres
13 Suffix with chick
21 Crotchety sort
22 Head for
24 “What the ___ Do We Know?”
27 Last mo.
28 Gag order?
30 Katharine’s “Butch Cassidy” role
31 Stuff for oral gratification
32 Tennis stadium in Queens
33 Michelangelo’s “David,” once
34 Hats from Kahlo’s country
35 Dorm VIPs
36 Post-circuit party drug, perhaps
38 Costume item for Charles Busch
39 Like Francis Bacon (abbr.)
42 Counterfeiters’ nemesis
43 Quick snack
46 Lubricating
47 Cut
49 Standing up straight
50 Gay porn star Sam
51 Cockamamie
52 Bas reliefs of Lincoln
53 “Burnt Money” caper
54 Kotter portrayer Kaplan
55 NCAA home of the Bruins
56 Emulate Bruce Steele of The Advocate
57 Middle of Caesar’s boast
61 Sound of Scarecrow’s foe

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