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Q Puzzle

By |2006-07-27T09:00:00-04:00July 27th, 2006|Entertainment|

July 24, 2006
“Tom Swifties”

1 Director Peyton of “The Break-up”
5 Make ___ buck
10 Hit boxers
14 Star quality
15 Manuscript leaf
16 Woods of “Legally Blonde”
17 “Gay people are very productive,” they said ___
19 Pick up
20 Sheets over your first mate
21 Didn’t leave the next morning
23 Fast flier, briefly
24 Tax-collecting agcy.
25 Where Oscar Wilde might be next to Thornton Wilder
26 State tree of Barney Frank’s home
27 It’s a gas on Broadway
28 Mil. sub-division?
31 Big shooter
34 Disney, e.g.
35 1963 movie role for Liz
36 Secret rival
37 Porker
38 They keep your nuts in place
39 Supporters of Rosie Jones
40 “Six Feet Under” box material
41 “Family Ties” mother
42 Summer hours in N.Y.C.
43 Timothy Daly’s sister
44 Initial serving at lunch?
45 On all ___ (doggy style)
47 I.M. ___ (contemporary of Philip Johnson)
48 This really sucks
51 Result of hearing Fred Phelps, perhaps
53 Billy Bean’s sport
55 Stew in Sitges
56 “Thanks, Ms. Mauresmo,” she said ___
58 David Sedaris’ “Me ___ Pretty One Day”
59 Covered with vines
60 Margaret who studied mankind and loved women
61 Singer on “Lord of the Rings” soundtrack
62 Brand of machine that cuts leaves of grass
63 It makes watching porn harder

1 Boats you can blow up
2 New money
3 Shoot off some hot stuff
4 Platform at an HRC gala
5 Declare true
6 Balls hit out of bound
7 “When ___ said and done …”
8 The S of RSVP
9 Top seller?
10 George of “It’s My Party”
11 “I love Shakespeare’s comedies,” she said ___
12 What Washington couldn’t tell
13 Split
18 Followed a cute butt?
22 Caesar’s X
25 Male partner of St. Bacchus
26 Larry Kramer and others
27 Not a single person
29 Gets hard
30 What Sam twitched on “Bewitched”
31 Daily fee at the Boatslip Resort
32 Put out
33 “I wish I could play guitar like Melissa,” he said ___
34 Goatee spots
35 Porn studio with beefy models
38 Conviction
40 Building covered with triangles
43 Election da. for Tammy Baldwin
44 Not pertinent to
46 Japanese port
47 One who does a rim job for Indiana?
48 Man’s man
49 Pour oil on
50 J. Edgar’s assistant
51 One on Boulanger’s staff?
52 Ruck of “Spin City”
53 Cheese from Gide’s country
54 British bottoms
57 Ensler of “The Vagina Monologues”

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