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Q Puzzle

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R & R

1 “Exotica” director Egoyan
5 Lanchester of “The Bride of Frankenstein”
9 Poles for your first mate
14 Queens stadium name
15 Poppers packaging
16 Stereos, in Johnny Mathis’ day
17 Bar by the altar at the Cathedral of Hope
18 Word used in dating
19 Composer Copland
20 Massachusetts vacation spot
23 “___ De-Lovely”
24 All over this terrestrial ball
28 Queer photographer Grace
31 Bear market order
34 Enc. to Brendan Lemon
35 Mo from Arizona
36 Ram as far up as you can get?
38 Crack code-cracking org.
39 New York beach retreat
42 J. Edgar Hoover’s org.
43 Selected guys to play with
44 Make up
45 Star quality
47 They may be stuffed in a G-string
48 A homophobe’s angry outbursts
49 Oral zinger
51 “Blow Out” styling goo
52 Northern California resort area
59 Looks tinkled pink
62 “Hi” to Lorca
63 Baldwin staffer
64 Head set?
65 From the top
66 “No” to a “lesbisch”
67 Menotti’s middle name
68 Worship service, for Malcolm Boyd
69 Popeye’s ___’ Pea

1 PAC of seniors
2 Peter the Great
3 “Gay People’s Chronicle” state
4 One whale of a writer?
5 Maurice of “Bewitched”
6 Omar’s “Mod Squad” character
7 Not nutty as a fruitcake
8 Loads
9 Cover for head or shoulders
10 Instruments for Elton John
11 Cont. of a Mali molly?
12 Carnaval locale
13 Digits first issued under Eleanor R.’s husband
21 Not straight up
22 Duly noted a hottie
25 “Odd Girl Out” author
26 Thumbs-up
27 Rent contracts
28 Incompetent one in Sheehan’s sport
29 Safe to swallow
30 Rope to catch a long little dogie
31 Hangout for Natalie Barney
32 Remove a slip?
33 Janis Ian’s “Between the ___ ”
37 Like more revealing clothes
40 Oral pleasures at a gay bar
41 Da Vinci and Michelangelo
46 Film in which Tom Wilkinson played a transsexual
50 “The Celluloid Closet” author Vito
51 Goes at like a beaver
53 Rock Hudson’s marriage to Phyllis Gates
54 Island of Barrie’s land
55 Stein fillers
56 Vidal’s “A ___ from the Diners Club”
57 Warhol pal ___ Sedgwick
58 Director Norman of “Longtime Companion”
59 Something to flick
60 Child-care writer LeShan
61 Part of an airline name, in Wilde’s land

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