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Q Puzzle

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September 11, 2006
“Straight from the Heart”


1 Musical phrases from Melissa
6 Painter Salvador
10 Model Banks
14 Loads
15 “Exotica” director Egoyan
16 Cut the crop
17 Where Franklin, Winston, and Josef had a threesome
18 Get bent
19 Poet Broumas
20 William Tell’s canton
21 “She Bop” singer
24 Fem’s undies
26 Long distance company, for short
27 Sea eagles
28 Cain’s “closet” role
30 Washed-out
33 Excavated anew
35 Like a metrosexual
36 Sedaris of “Strangers with Candy”
37 Eurythmics’ “Would ___ to You?”
38 New York judge Deborah
39 Name that rhymes with “dick”?
40 Margaret of “All-American Girl”
41 Starbuck’s order
42 Any song by Patsy Cline
43 Family
44 Where to get off in gay Paree
45 Abbreviated Broadway musical?
46 Blood-typing letters
47 Rey Domini and Edgar Box
50 British comic actress
55 Sumac of Peru
56 Tops
57 Take back a blow job?
58 Alan who played Grace’s dad
60 Part of ILGA (abbr.)
61 Lanford Wilson’s ” ___ Baltimore”
62 Bring to bear
63 Kudrow of “Happy Endings”
64 Barrie buccaneer
65 Recesses for Rev. Spahr


1 Rim job?
2 Samurai writer Saikaku
3 “My Heart Will Go On” singer
4 “The Lesbian Kama Sutra” author Harding
5 Acting queer, with “out”
6 The d. of k.d. lang, and others
7 Opposite of loads
8 Lesbian novelist Lake
9 Some breasts consist largely of these
10 One may be caught on the fly
11 Pound sound
12 Michael and Justin’s gay comic-book creation
13 On ___ with
22 “Let’s do it!”
23 Lambda Leg. Defense lawyer, e.g.
25 Stephen McCauley’s ” ___ Enough”
28 Griffin of “D-List” fame
29 Katharine’s “Butch Cassidy” role
30 “Monster-in-Law” actress
31 Mine, to Rimbaud
32 Where a co. can bet its bottom dollar
33 Ilsa’s love
34 K through 12
35 Chemist’s condiment
38 Queens and others
39 Crooner Fitzgerald
41 Melville marine mammal moniker
42 Pacific battle site
45 Slangy intensifier
46 Train that comes quickly
47 Commodious
48 Nellie-lover in “South Pacific”
49 Actor Julian of _Naked Lunch_
50 Some falcon feathers
51 Rice-A-___ (the San Francisco treat)
52 You don’t want them in your pants
53 Fruit of the ___
54 Minstrel’s instrument
59 Confetti-throwing comedian Taylor

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