Q Puzzle

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October 2, 2006
“Feel Magnolias”

1 Sites for three women in a tub
5 Trolley sound often tripled
10 Where T.E. Lawrence traveled
14 Relief of Lincoln
15 Open-mouthed fivesome
16 Event for George Frenn
17 “Bus Stop” playwright
18 Step in the salon
19 Cry before getting off
20 Evenhanded one with a slave?
22 Drops the curtain on
23 Chaiken, who created 26-Across
24 Area of Tennessee?
26 Dyke TV show, with “The”
30 Top dogs
33 Thumb one’s nose at
36 Gay guy, in Brit slang
38 Broadway whisper
39 Did an encore of “Food, Glorious Food”?
40 Pirate Jack
42 “Put ___ Happy Face”
43 Gay Day at Busch Gardens locale
45 Prepare for phone sex
46 Like the end of a bacchanal?
47 Come
49 Opening
51 Smaller-built bear
53 Hard to get close to
57 Like sex with a condom
59 Brando line in the gay version of “A Streetcar Named Desire”?
63 Frankfurt’s river
64 Up partner
65 Loads
66 Wolf head?
67 Unexpected help
68 k.d. lang record label
69 ” ___ Me No Flowers”
70 Prodded, with “on”
71 Dancer Shawn and others

1 Samuel R. Delany’s area
2 Like a penile institution?
3 Mick Jagger song covered by Tori Amos
4 How to discipline with a spanking?
5 The Indigo Girls’ “___ Mia”
6 Non-Judy garlands
7 “It ___ Necessarily So”
8 Beat (out)
9 Bonheur’s war
10 Diana, to the Greeks
11 Gay country?
12 “Phantom” scar source
13 Pam Parsons’ sometime nemeses
21 Sound from a small pussy cat
25 What there oughta be
27 Like straight to gay (abbr.)
28 Yellow-brick way
29 Day of many Hudson flicks
31 Harvey’s “Hairspray” role
32 One that plays with balls at the circus
33 What a computer may spit out
34 State, to Cocteau
35 How a lipstick lesbian addresses a plant?
37 Greek group, for short
40 The last word in film directing
41 Slangy intensifier
44 Dwindled (with “out”)
46 As a bottom limit
48 Stop working with Irene Cara?
50 WWII fighter pilots’ gp.
52 Get in the sack again
54 Stan’s man
55 Supplication start at Metropolitan Community Church
56 Mythological threesome, with “the”
57 Spills one’s seed
58 Presbyterian activist Michael
60 Justin of “The Break-Up”
61 Drop trou, to Baudelaire?
62 To some extent

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