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Q Puzzle

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June 4, 2007
“A Tony Event”


1 What a guy does nocturnally
6 Rita Mae Brown’s “Pay ___ ”
10 Foundation for Humanity name
14 Knock-down-drag-out
15 It comes out of your head
16 Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La ___ Loca”
17 Mishima, for one
18 Put in stitches, like Marga Gomez
19 What you shake when you come quickly
20 Tony-winning director for _Take Me Out_
23 Big initials in fashion
24 Place for porking?
25 “Borrowed Time” author
27 Joe Solmonese’s org.
30 Larry Kramer and others
33 “Little Caesar” gangster
34 Moby Dick chaser
36 Atop
38 “___ River”
41 Tony-winning playwright for “Master Class”
44 Master’s demand for oral sex
45 Mandlikova of tennis
46 Opera house level
47 Lorca’s eight
49 Like a stereotypical wrist
51 Sgt. Perry Watkins, e.g.
52 Feniger’s field
55 “Swan Lake” step
57 ___ Tin Tin
58 Tony-winning actress for “Doubt”
64 Went down (on)
66 Fairy tale start
67 Like a woman without a woman
68 Untouchable head
69 Succotash bean
70 Burr role
71 Art Deco design name
72 Caribbean pirate portrayer Johnny
73 What you can give it


1 Key with four sharps
2 Prefix meaning “middle”
3 Eurythmics’ “Would ___ to You?”
4 New York Liberty and Seattle Storm
5 Where they stuck it in Caesar
6 Castro, in S.F.
7 Laying out
8 Where a queen may rule
9 Gay-friendly Elizabeth
10 Madonna’s Peron role
11 Edith Ann creator
12 That is, to Caligula
13 Name of many a gay bar
21 Material on a drag queen’s legs
22 Sandwich ingredient at Hamburger Mary’s
26 Fame
27 “She ___ Me” (Spike Lee lesbian film)
28 Carla portrayer on “Cheers”
29 Dave Brousseau, for one
31 Nothing to brag about
32 One way to get to second base
35 Yellow road piece
37 Potent leader
39 Mapa of “Desperate Housewives”
40 “I Met Him on a Sunday” singer Laura
42 Elizabeth Moberly’s “Homosexuality: A New Christian ___ ”
43 Like _The Rocky Horror Picture Show_
48 Being cheated at phone sex?
50 “The ___ Game”
52 Gay spirituality magazine “White ___”
53 Lube user?
54 One who comes out after some rubbing
56 Like rays caught at Sitges
59 Fey Dudley Do-Right’s org.
60 Cut the crop
61 What Sam twitched on “Bewitched”
62 Actor John of “Nowhere” and “Flawless”
63 Put out
65 Poet who inspired Cats, initially

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