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Q Puzzle

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June 25, 2007


1 Macho doll
6 In need of BenGay
10 Amsterdam transport
14 Fred’s first partner
15 Bottoms’ description of tops?
16 Isherwood’s ” ___ Camera”
17 Supporter of an absolute leader
19 Very, to Verlaine
20 IRS info
21 Spencer-Devlin swings with these
22 Says a word to Mary
23 What comes to mind
25 “Fried Green Tomatoes” writer Flagg
26 Colette’s coffee
28 He composed “Night and Day”
32 With 44-Across, guys who like guys
33 Barrel bottom bits
35 Browns in butter
37 Women who like guys
42 Canal, in the British “QAF”
43 Clown’s pole
44 See 32-Across
47 Needing a “Queer Eye” makeover
49 Like America’s Betty
50 Lined up, as in theater seats
52 Wine region south of the Russian River
54 Haul ass
55 Has more than a one-night stand
58 ’50s idol Hunter
61 Arrange by penile length, e.g.
62 Belief of 17-Across, or monogamy for 32/44-Across and 37-Across
64 Switch end
65 Tevye, to Harvey
66 Follower of lop or dog
67 In stitches, to Edith Head
68 “Hollaback Girl” singer Stefani
69 Witherspoon of “Vanity Fair”


1 Marilyn Monroe’s sexy pair
2 Exchange at Metropolitan Community Church
3 Cartoonist Camper
4 Plug attachment
5 Like Clive Barker’s stories
6 Gay nightlife district of London
7 Words that come after “come”
8 Nureyev’s homeland (abbr.)
9 Hrs. in P-town
10 Tennessee tight end, e.g.
11 Eager for action
12 Earhart of the air
13 Lincoln portrayer Raymond
18 Renege, slangily, with “out”
22 Women-only parts of Arab households
24 Painter of ballerinas
25 Human Rights Campaign fundraiser, e.g.
26 What Etheridge puts out
27 Kahlo’s output
29 Actor Milo of “Oz”
30 Rex Reed, for one
31 Hairy bunches
34 “Will & Grace” or “Ellen”
36 Did a muscle Mary’s exercise
38 What fruits do in orchards
39 Thread for Dr. George O’Malley
40 Wing for Philip Johnson
41 Porky’s place
44 Single drag queen titles
45 “More! More!” on Broadway
46 Bishop’s “Creep into Thy ___ Bed”
48 Singer on “Lord of the Rings” soundtrack
51 Boca ___
53 Mary Tyler Moore’s costar Ed
55 Type of balls
56 Prefix with tubbies
57 Pious ejaculation
59 Stein fillers
60 Adam, created by a woman named George
62 NGLTF or HRC, e.g.
63 Charlotte of “Facts of Life”

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