Q Puzzle

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“Gender Blender”


1 Shakespearean soliloquy starter
5 Bone separator in the back
9 Come as far as
14 Transgender role for Kelly Lynch
15 ___ Candy (“Wonder Woman” character)
16 Bea sitcom
17 She played a he-turned-she in “Transamerica”
20 Bi role for Salma
21 Dottermans of “Antonia’s Line”
22 Scottish head covers
23 Jenny portrayer on “The L Word”
26 Stalemate
28 She played a he-turned-she in “Myra Breckinridge”
33 Female hormone
34 Like “Steel Magnolias,” to many straight males
39 Inflamed end?
40 Make muddled
43 Creator of Sal Mineo’s “Exodus” character
44 Try to bite, doggy-style
46 Part of the cycle of a hand job
48 She played a he-turned-she on “The Education of Max Bickford”
51 Aspen supporter
55 Jack of “Flower Drum Song”
56 Hathaway of “Brokeback Mountain”
57 Porter’s “___ Got You Under You Under My Skin”
59 “Over my dead body!”
64 She played a he-turned-she in “Second Serve”
68 Like Mary’s follower
69 “Rag and Bone” author
70 Top draft level
71 Witherspoon of “Walk the Line”
72 Peter the Great
73 Tickle pink


1 Lover’s spat, e.g.
2 Out partner
3 “___ Hai”
4 Feminist poet Dame
5 Nero’s “Of God”
6 Telecommunications co.
7 It makes watching porn harder
8 “Nymphs of the Valley” writer Gibran
9 Band that recorded “Unbelievable”
10 Treaty for a threesome
11 Creator of Athos and Aramis
12 Affleck’s “Chasing Amy” crush
13 Like a nervous Nellie
18 Big star’s small part
19 Gomer Pyle’s branch
24 Global rights org.
25 Blown away
27 Acidity nos.
28 Jockey strap?
29 Wine region of Michelangelo’s land
30 Bit of gay advice?
31 Bear of the night
32 Provide
35 Gary Glickman novel
36 Region in J. Siberry’s land
37 Position for Louganis
38 River of the country of the Singing Nun
41 Aides’ superiors
42 Big name in pumps
45 Dickinson’s howe’er
47 Dollar bill holder?
49 David Hyde Pierce and peers
50 Pianist Oscar
51 What Ted Allen likes to do to food and wine
52 Thief of the tarts of the Queen of Hearts
53 Torso opening
54 Parts of hard heads
58 Hunks of history
60 Boy who shoots off arrows
61 Weathercock
62 Straight
63 Enjoy E. Lynn Harris
65 Go out with
66 Madonna’s Peron role
67 Folk singer Williams

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