Q Puzzle

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“C’est Moi”

1 What guns shoot off
5 Big tops
10 Sweaty guys get pinned to them
14 “Maude” producer
15 Gladys Kravitz, for one
16 Star quality
17 27/30-Across played Georges in this Broadway musical
20 Pool party?
21 CBS show in which semen may be evidence
22 Makes oneself hard to find
23 Nature’s blow job?
25 Ty, who waved a big stick
27 With 30-Across, “C’est Moi” singer
30 See 27-Across
34 Cheer for Lorca
35 Flower for Doris?
39 Oddball comedian Philips
40 Period of service for Christine Quinn
42 Drag queen’s hosiery hue, perhaps
43 Bit of gay advice?
44 Whale finder
46 Bloom of “The Producers”
47 Fantasizes about a hottie
48 Movie with voice roles by 27/30-Across and Judy Garland
51 Q, in a theater
54 No zip
58 Broadway musical in which 27/30-Across played Lancelot
60 Costar Julie in 58-Across
61 Tight group
62 Wet
64 Sappho’s H’s
65 Prefix with gravure, in “Easter Parade”
66 Material for nice stones
67 Cub slugger
68 Deity on “Xena”
69 Rootless rover
70 One that attacks a fly


1 Start of a Shakespearean title
2 Sexual partners, to the insensitive
3 What a knight takes to go clubbing?
4 Juicy fruit
5 “Cats” inspirer’s monogram
6 Pass, as human rights laws
7 We, to “Fifty Million Frenchmen”
8 Like carbon monoxide
9 Lotion letters at South Beach
10 California home of Streisand
11 Barrie’s getting on in years
12 It can bear fruit
13 Femme character in “Mango Kiss”
18 Out of one’s ___ (ready for the rubber room)
19 “Hot dog!”
24 Prick
26 Enjoy the scenery at a gay bar
27 Goes to seed
28 It slicks Feniger’s pan
29 Swiss town with a bear mascot
31 Do-overs for Amelie Mauresmo
32 Give out
33 Like “The Best Little Boy in the World”
36 Cry of one in bondage
37 Place for Proust
38 “Firebird” composer Stravinsky
41 Ian McKellen character holding a generator?
43 Gay to the max
45 Male actor named Julia
47 Give for a while
49 Beefeater, for example
50 Foamed at the mouth
51 Capital of Ghana
52 Balls in battle
53 Be a ham in “Hamlet”?
55 “Let’s make it a threesome!”
56 Michael Landon’s ” ___ Teenage Werewolf”
57 Former leader of Syria
59 Take-out on a cheap date?
60 Nick was his master
63 Norma McCorvey’s memoir ” ___ Roe”

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