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Q Puzzle

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1 Composer Shaiman
5 Leaning erection site
9 A marble player may shoot it off
14 State where two women could be in a marriage, formerly
15 Israeli author ___ Oz
16 Meat-filled treats
17 Push a queen across a board, e.g.
18 “___ Get a Witness” (Marvin Gaye)
19 Parker of “South Park,” and others
20 Like a drag queen without a wrap?
23 Lotion letters at Sitges
24 Starting from
25 River of Ulrichs’ country
28 Lily for Colette
30 Explosive stick
31 Prog. of Eleanor’s husband
34 Hiss at some oral sex fans?
37 Like a Ryan Idol film
38 Circle of Uranus
39 Frigid
40 Blonde Ambition, and others
41 Lone Star sch.
42 Femme’s ruined undergarment?
44 Road top
45 “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” to Mick Jagger
46 Kind of man, in Oz
47 Land of Damascus (abbr.)
48 Govt. guy
50 Get hard
52 Arthur’s age group?
58 “Terminal Bar” playwright Paul
59 Like Cammermeyer’s fatigues
60 Cry before getting off
62 Queer writer Rev. Monroe
63 Stud fee?
64 Bone below the elbow
65 It goes under a jockey’s shorts
66 Hot to trot
67 Seal in the juices, to Traci Des Jardins


1 Elton John’s mother
2 “Exotica” director Egoyan
3 Singer Norah’s father
4 Game with many openings
5 Ocean of Bali Ha’i
6 “___ Ordinary Man” (“My Fair Lady”)
7 “Like a Virgin,” for one
8 ___ were
9 Bear witness
10 “Queen Christina” star
11 Patty Sheehan, e.g.?
12 “What’s it ___?”
13 Logo for a Dean Cain role
21 Banana treat
22 ___ Christian Andersen
25 Up partner
26 One from the heart
27 Superior of Stonewall Jackson
29 Bounds gaily
30 Words to a shy partner
32 Tim of “Rocky Horror” fame
33 “The Gay Caballero” star Romero
35 Labium
36 “The Name of the Rose” writer
37 Muscle Mary’s pride
40 “God loves everybody,” to Jane Spahr
42 Not nuts
43 Edith Eyde pseudonym
45 Gay fetish mag “Bound & ___ ”
49 Home state of Edna St. Vincent Millay
51 Shakespeare’s Andronicus
52 Lahr of “The Wizard of Oz”
53 Neighbor of Minn.
54 River of Wilde’s land
55 Rex Reed et al. do this to movies
56 Rubberneck
57 One of Columbus threesome
58 What Tim might call Tyne
61 Way out

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