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Q Puzzle

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1 Load
5 “Fried Green Tomatoes” author
10 Gay nightlife district of London
14 Letters over Mary’s son
15 Island Records, to Etheridge
16 What you do at the other end
17 Jon Robin Baitz play-turned-film, with “The”
20 “I’m being straight with you!”
21 Meat treaters
22 Article written by Rohm
23 Photographer Corinne
24 With 40-Across, Jon Robin Baitz TV show
29 Middle name in California politics
31 Went down on
32 Napped leather
35 “Boys Don’t Cry” character
36 NFL source of young tight ends
38 Sound from Sneaky Pie
39 Tongue ending
40 See 24-Across
42 Leopold or Loeb
43 S.F. clock setting
44 Rilke’s I
45 Carnaval locale
46 Fruit eater
47 Much ado about nothing
49 They slip over heads
51 Jon Robin Baitz screenplay
55 “The Unicorn” author Murdoch
57 Witherspoon of “Walk the Line”
58 Judy Garland’s “___! Went the Strings of My Heart”
61 Grace, or will to be diplomatic
62 Shoreline opening
63 “East of Eden” director Kazan
64 Makes tats
65 Sites for dates
66 Make-or-break date


1 Emphatic affirmative, to Frida
2 Oddly shaped testicle?
3 Crystal balls, e.g.
4 With 6-Down, “Desperate Housewives” locale
5 Play the raging queen
6 See 4-Down
7 “Ellen” network
8 Jagger has a pair of them
9 Rubs it in
10 Fail to perform?
11 Photographer Catherine
12 “Cabaret”‘s “Mein ___”
13 Wallet wad
18 Smallest nonmonogamous groups
19 They bother bitches
24 Penile grievance?
25 Like rough trade
26 Coup target, to Cocteau
27 Send, as to a specialist
28 Game in which two could beat your ace
29 Alpha, to the circumcized
30 Wonder Woman weapon
33 Hit the first shot, for Sheehan
34 Sea eagles
36 Rimbaud portrayer in “Total Eclipse”
37 Cracker Jack prizes
40 Farm erection
41 Shakespeare’s “anon” updated
48 Pains in the rear
50 Came out slowly
52 Glinda portrayer in “The Wiz”
53 Phallic swimmers
54 Voyeur’s confession?
55 “Is ___?” (Last Supper question)
56 Turned tail
59 Long of “If These Walls Could Talk 2”
60 Like the “fruit loop” section of a city

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