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Q Puzzle

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“Out, That Is”

1 Nuts
5 Queen’s “subjects”
9 Tone of many Stein photos
14 Internally pink
15 Screwdriver, e.g.
16 Cash drawers
17 Asian inland sea
18 Gay cable network
19 Lover of Henry and June
20 Grace period on debts?
23 Long, to a Samurai?
24 Out reply to “Are you gay?”
25 Bundle of grain
27 “Apartment ___ ”
30 Depp’s cross-dressing role
33 Have a ball
37 Pod in Craig Claiborne’s gumbo
39 Judy Garland concert persona
40 Booty
41 Went undercover
42 Inflamed end?
43 Like some beds
44 Glinda portrayer in “The Wiz”
45 King’s defeat of Riggs, e.g.
46 Wine from the land of Lorca
48 AIDS org.
50 Poppers containers
52 State of polar bears
57 Sophie B. Hawkins’ “___ Lay Me Down”
59 Stevie Wonder song about Chastity’s mom?
62 Burton with “Roots”
64 Mark Bingham of United Flight 93
65 Letters over Mary’s son
66 Williams’ significant other
67 Place for a Rivera mural
68 “West ___ Story”
69 Go lickety-split
70 Did a bad imitation of Bette Davis
71 Femme character in “Mango Kiss”


1 Sheik’s land, in song
2 Lesbian Dr. Equi
3 Exams on sexual technique?
4 Rosie’s partner
5 Vidal essay collection
6 Coward of “Blithe Spirit”
7 “Trick”‘s Spelling
8 Gay ski weekends rides
9 Didn’t leave the next morning
10 One to Rohm
11 Iambs in “Hamlet,” ungrammatically?
12 Eurythmics’ “Would ___ to You?”
13 The A of ILGA
21 Unlike on a clear day
22 Out in front
26 What S&M people are as smart as?
28 Hitchcock thriller based on Leopold and Loeb
29 Rubber-stamping
31 Award for Cherry Jones
32 “___ Thou Remember Me?” (Dickinson)
33 “Desire Under the ___ ”
34 He took on a pair of bears
35 Nancy McKeon character full of life?
36 “SNL”‘s Cheri
38 Make a hole bigger
41 In a foxy way
45 NCAA home of the Bruins
47 Stick it to McKuen
49 “The Wizard of Oz” scorer Arlen
51 E with a queer orientation
53 Cockeyed
54 Rutstein of “Disappear Fear”
55 Some Iranians
56 Horny one in the zodiac?
57 Cathedral of Hope collection
58 Penetrate slowly
60 Load
61 “Island of Lost Souls” director Kenton
63 Heady stuff

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