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Q Puzzle

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“Three in a Row”

1 Those, to Gomer
5 Farm animal that isn’t a breeder
9 Frequent Mapplethorpe subject Smith
14 “I ___ at the office” (Senate page’s confession?)
15 Emulate Anne Stockwell of “The Advocate”
16 Nut from Oak Lawn
17 Singer of “Fame”
19 Ogre voiced by Mike Myers
20 Targets of tops?
22 James Dean’s “East of Eden” role
23 Treasured Garland disks
24 Tithes at Metropolitan Community Church, e.g.
28 African queen
30 Access to
33 What there oughta be
34 Niles’ sometime position on “Frasier”
35 Enjoy Nick Malgieri
36 Cry of “lions and tigers and bears”?
40 Long, in Hawaii
41 Prayer start at at Beth Chayim Chadashim
42 “___ want is a room somewhere …”
43 Show with C. Kattan
44 Cutlass, e.g.
45 “Fun Home” author Bechdel
47 Friend of Rimbaud
48 Queer ___ three-dollar bill
49 Porno film about the completely erect?
58 “___ told by an idiot” (Shakespeare)
59 Drag queens use them in cover-ups
60 Eagle appendage
61 Part of San Francisco’s BART
62 What comes to mind
63 Doses in the rear
64 Idol of porn
65 Emphatic affirmative, to Frida


1 Cry before getting off
2 Part of a name in espionage
3 “If ___ I Would Leave You”
4 The M in Y.M.C.A.
5 South Beach and P’town, to many gays
6 Mo from Arizona
7 Coin of Versace’s homeland
8 Cockpit predictions
9 Family travel magazine
10 Remembers some SM
11 Scroll for the cut
12 Singer Fure
13 Makes tats
18 Emulate Paul Cadmus
21 Cold shower
24 Opposite of heads
25 John of “Aida” fame
26 Like a pair of orifices
27 One + one, in Barrie’s land
28 Brand of foamy heads
29 Lance of “An American Family”
30 Prepares for a nude beach
31 Menotti’s middle name
32 “The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas” author
34 Erection material?
37 Paparazzi purchase
38 Stan’s straight man
39 “Bali ___”
45 Disney lyricist Howard
46 Liberace fabric
47 Mete out
48 Cruising, maybe
49 Hustler from Minnesota
50 Place for Young men?
51 Composer Edouard
52 Home st. of Maupin
53 Like Al or Vidal?
54 Miss among Cole Porter hits
55 Middle of Caesar’s boast
56 Tops a cupcake
57 Morales of “Resurrection Blvd.”

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