Q Puzzle

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Q Puzzle

1 What you touch getting to third base?
5 Peter’s place
9 Lupone, who won the Best Performance by a Leading Actress Tony for 69-Across
14 Penetrating reed
15 Asian inland sea
16 Humped antelope
17 Where a cobbler puts the tongue
18 “Lesbians ignite!” e.g.
19 Big tops
20 Best Revival of a Musical Tony winner
23 Samantha’s uncle
24 Posed for Catherine Opie
25 Hawk-chicken difference
28 Seminal computer
31 Big Lovely singer Toshi
33 They go at the bottoms of letters
36 PC drive insert
38 Stud fee?
39 Winner of a Lifetime Achievement Tony
43 Result of a sexually active Woody
44 Slim bear
45 Place for porking?
46 Women’s music festival ___ Fair
49 Edna Ferber work about an erection?
51 They made laws against O. Wilde’s love life
52 Official at a Houston Comets game
54 Witherspoon and others
58 Lyricist nominated for a Tony for “The Little Mermaid”
61 Org. for Etheridge and lang
64 Ballet supporters?
65 Prefix with gravure, in “Easter Parade”
66 Respond to Suzanne Westenhoefer
67 Ham cut
68 Caligula’s way
69 See 9-Across
70 Mishima’s continent
71 Richard of “And the Band Played On”


1 Nova opening
2 Can’t bear
3 Date, with “with”
4 Foam at the mouth
5 A rainbow flag symbolizes this
6 Anthropology, to Margaret Mead
7 It might go right to the bottom
8 Fashion designer Perry
9 Not a dress size for 31-Across
10 Mapa of “Desperate Housewives”
11 Provincetown project
12 Stuff for a blow job?
13 Puts the finger on a bad man
21 Hump
22 Way out
25 Endora portrayer
26 Fly cry
27 Fred Phelps, to gay community
29 River of da Vinci’s land
30 The bottom lines
32 Postcoital sigh
33 Reading at Metropolitan Community Church
34 “Take it off!”
35 Emulates a market bear
37 Con ___ (rather fast, to Copland)
40 Waikiki paste
41 Lincoln’s state
42 Towels off
47 ___ boy (male escort)
48 Cut
50 Lou of Glenn Burke’s sport
53 Jazzman Hines, contemporary of Billy Strayhorn
55 Hit, for Shakespeare
56 Enjoyer of Stephen Pyles
57 Make noise in bed
58 Fag ___ (women with gay friends)
59 Hoppers, in Barry Humphries’ land
60 Prefix meaning “tenth”
61 Easy subj. for John Nash
62 Oral input
63 Bra half

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