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Q Puzzle – by and by

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Q Puzzle

1 Pull a boa behind you?
5 “I’m not in the ___!”
9 Coward’s milieu
14 Cicero’s queer
15 Isherwood’s ” ___ Camera”
16 Like Alexander Pope?
17 Open a crack
18 She played gay in “Silkwood”
19 Like bounteous breasts
20 Dogcatcher’s counterpart in old films?
23 “Little Miss Evil” writer Raphael
24 Rough stuff underground
25 Part of a “Tommy” lyric
27 Abbr. of old in Tatu’s land
30 One-armed bandit’s opening
33 Like Whitman’s leaves
36 Chain with fruit syrups
38 Bear’s den
40 About to blow
41 Spike Lee flick about Melville’s Dick?
44 “Please” to Marcella Hazan
45 Drag queen ___ Phace
46 160 rods
47 Talk by Jane Spahr
49 “With Malice Toward ___: A Life of Abraham Lincoln”
51 Madonna’s pair
52 Little bikers in a Gay Pride march
54 Come together
56 Continent of the ANC
58 Op-ed columnist Post as a feminist advocate?
64 Frida’s husband
66 “___ Need Is the Girl” (song from “Gypsy”)
67 “You’re the Top” songwriter Porter
68 Maria’s “do” equivalent
69 Aspen vehicle
70 Enjoy on the floor, in days of yore
71 It helps you get to
72 Gay cable network
73 Spills one’s seed


1 “Nuts!”
2 Indian head
3 Gaza Stripper, e.g.
4 “Queen Christina” star
5 Williams of “Brokeback Mountain”
6 Island of Diamond Head Beach
7 Hint to the future
8 Comes quickly
9 Meat that you hold in your hand
10 Lid for Barrie
11 Delicious fruit stewed to a pulp
12 Oz visitor Dorothy
13 How far up it goes (abbr.)
21 ’69 and others
22 Head lines?
26 She played with Sherman on “The Jeffersons”
27 Boobs
28 Dinah of a golf classic
29 Mike Brady portrayer
31 Scout’s promise to be “morally straight”
32 Tennessee tight end, e.g.
34 Howard, who cross-dressed for “Miss America”
35 Ass-kissers’ responses
37 Rain forest native with a small package?
39 Tow job
42 Roddy McDowall’s “Batman” villain
43 Where to ogle boxers
48 Keanu in “The Matrix”
50 Long, slippery one
53 Overhand stroke, for Amelie Mauresmo
55 Beats or pleasures
56 Gay video directory name
57 One who may want a bone
59 Woods of “Legally Blonde”
60 Glenn Burke, formerly
61 Chastity is one
62 Pleasure orally
63 Weapon suppliers in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights”
65 When doubled, slang for the rectal opening

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