Q Puzzle Clues

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Clear Thinking

1 Sitcom with a cross-dressing corporal
5 Minnesota pol Allan
10 Prevent from scoring, with “out”
14 Ulrich of a landmark gay rights case
15 Get up
16 Prefix with peein’?
17 Whale sci-fi character
20 Peter Cottontail’s move
21 Shrek’s shoe size, perhaps
22 “American Idol” judge that everyone loves to hate
23 Nellie-lover in “South Pacific”
25 Coin of Foucault
28 Like Clive Barker’s stories
30 Director Norman of “Longtime Companion”
31 1997 Jennifer Lopez movie
33 Prepare for phone sex
34 Leather man’s tool
36 Peter the Great
38 Where to see Goth Talk
39 When repeated, 17-Across, after 63-Across and adoption?
42 It hangs from your butt
44 Melissa may attach one to her neck
45 Sex orientation determiner, some say
46 Flat-bottomed boat
48 Kind of bar for a samurai?
50 Pull a boa behind you?
54 Gay city
56 Map 69, perhaps (abbr.)
57 Geer’s son, on “The Waltons”
58 Pop singer Cleo
60 High noon, to Nero
62 “The Opposite of Sex” director Roos
63 It could make a man out of you, or a woman
67 Like a straight line, for short
68 Language of “Mary” and “Nelly”
69 Anal alternative
70 Piece of Kahlo’s cash
71 Sharp to the tongue
72 Lesbos, for one
1 Betty, to Ellen
2 Vidal essay collection
3 Come between parties, perhaps
4 The, to the Greeks
5 Bargain sign at Barneys
6 Mychal Judge, e.g.
7 Rilke’s ice
8 Sophie B. Hawkins’ “___ Lay Me Down”
9 Stonewall Jackson et al.
10 Came across as
11 Kate Clinton or Margaret Cho
12 Of the seventh planet or a Kinsey 6
13 Big load
18 Born, to George Sand
19 Stay in bed, or say “You were great in bed!” perhaps
24 “Maude” producer
26 Message to an openly gay newsgroup?
27 Bear of the night
29 Wing for Julia Morgan
31 Bones below elbows
32 “Men’s Friendships: Invincible Communities” author Peter
35 Lesbian who doesn’t tell
37 Kevin Bacon in “Footloose”
39 Chests, of body parts
40 Boot attachment at a gay rodeo
41 It means nothing to Cherrie Moraga
42 It had a fang for Caesar’s girlfriend
43 Type of triangle
47 Queer one, literally
49 Activity of Endora
51 Dykes on Bikes, e.g.
52 Not like the sound of music, traditionally
53 Holly Near’s “We Are a ___, Angry People”
55 London to Amsterdam direction
57 Come out on top
59 Stanwyck’s ” ___ Side, West Side”
61 Pop of pop
63 Pacifier
64 Patty Hearst’s former org.
65 __ Francisco
66 “C’est ___” of “Camelot”

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