Q Puzzle Clues

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Ben Gay

1 Olympic award for Louganis
6 Al of Alison Bechdel’s field
10 Hunter’s favorite diet colas?
14 Where to find your favorite boxers
15 Mine, to Rimbaud
16 “Cat on ___ Tin Roof”
17 Bodies of soldiers
18 Anna, to Jodie
19 Angelina’s tomb-raiding role
20 Lisa Ben’s magazine
22 Ben of “The Broken Hearts Club”
23 Shrek’s shoe size, perhaps
24 Castro to Mission District dir.
25 Park of Queens
27 Pop of pop
28 “Claudine at School” author
32 “My Fair Lady” lady
35 “At Seventeen” singer Janis
36 William Tell’s canton
37 Recipient of a Ben & Jerry’s benefit
42 Gardner of “Show Boat”
43 Moist ending
44 Emulate Cicero
45 Barber’s partner
48 Small suckers
50 Name on a bull
51 “Horny” animal
52 Something to flick
55 Gregory, who played Ben Doucette on “Will & Grace”
58 Ben Tyler novel
61 Top Norse deity
62 REM gear
63 Like sex with a historian?
64 Woods of “Legally Blonde”
65 A little behind
66 Like a queen
67 Greek oracle, e.g.
68 Name that rhymes with a dick?
69 Music of the the Village People
1 Hanky color for navel-lovers
2 Bert’s longtime companion
3 Get rid of the hoar
4 It comes before date?
5 City of the Liberace Museum
6 Jim of “Doing Time on Maple Drive”
7 Tori who sang “I am not from your tribe”
8 White bear locale
9 Often fruity dessert
10 Gay in the library
11 Moby Dick chaser
12 Brought forth fruit
13 “Sex and the City” creator Darren
21 Izzard’s tongue, for short
22 Wheaton of “Star Trek: the Next Generation”
26 Island of Barrie’s land
27 American idol ending?
29 Cape Cod catch
30 Singer Fure
31 Land of 39-Down
32 One in a red coat, in Amsterdam
33 Billie Jean King’s zip
34 “___ Ordinary Man” (“My Fair Lady”)
35 Brian Boitano’s milieu
38 Skirt for Nureyev’s partner
39 Jamie O’Neill, for one
40 Hudson after months of working out?
41 Threesome for Da Vinci
46 Tool used on the can
47 7th notes in “Do-Re-Mi”
48 Some Mapplethorpe equipment
49 Variety, but not of Hollywood
52 They slide into openings at keggers
53 Hayes of “South Park”
54 One of the strings, to Britten
55 Tools for cultivating pansies
56 Laying out
57 “Aida” backdrop
59 Capable of performing
60 R.E.M.’s “The ___ Love”
62 Maugham’s “Cakes and ___ “

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