After Thwarted Kidnapping Plans, Whitmer Calls for Unity

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addressed the State of Michigan after a plan to kidnap her and other Michigan government officials was thwarted by state and federal law enforcement agencies. She started by saying thank you to law enforcement and FBI agents who participated in stopping this [...]


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Q Puzzle Clues

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You can say that again

1 They’re performing, in “Fame”
5 “Paris Was a Woman” writer Andrea
10 Red hanky wearer’s interest
14 Piece for two
15 “As You Like It” forest
16 Stud fee?
17 Bushy do
18 Make noise in bed
19 It comes out of your head
20 Takes gay guys across the river?
23 Sal of “Rebel Without a Cause”
24 Do the moguls
25 Very hairy swinger
26 Guy embraced by Schumacher?
27 Stud poker demand
31 Boyd’s “Gay Priest: An ___ Journey”
33 Laguna Beach to Palm Springs dir.
34 Like Marcia Brady, to her sisters
37 Features of Disney’s Dumbo
38 Th’ gay guy’s house?
40 Piece of Kahlo’s cash
43 Woman of La Mancha
44 Anderson Cooper’s network
47 Some opera queens
49 Top
50 Half a response to Kate Clinton?
51 Comic actor DeLaria
52 Wood for Billy Bean’s bat, perhaps
55 Like someone blown away
57 Wed a gleeful gay guy?
62 “I’m ___ your tricks!”
63 Montgomery Clift’s hometown
64 Be active in S/M, perhaps
66 Toss in one’s hand
67 Sue Wicks, for one
68 Maryland athlete
69 Chicago ___ Press
70 Work with the hands
71 Violates a certain military rule
1 1993 Carole Maso novel
2 Orton’s “The ___ on the Stair”
3 Stamp of “Billy Budd”
4 Barneys, e.g.
5 “What ___ thinking?”
6 River of Wilde’s land
7 Gay people can say them in Massachusetts
8 Workers at the bottom
9 Pussyfoot
10 “My ___ Lady”
11 Home of the WNBA’s Fever
12 Like the more pricey items at Williams-Sonoma
13 Prick stimulators
21 Drive in Beverly Hills
22 Threesome for Caligula
23 Colette’s Mrs.
28 “Desire Under the ___ “
29 Presbyterian activist Michael
30 “The Queen of Mean”
32 Andrew Sullivan’s brand of conservatism
35 Take advantage of International Male
36 Went lickety-split
38 Boo’s partner
39 “Rose is a rose is a rose,” e.g.
40 Order to stop autoeroticism?
41 She loved Franklin and Lorena
42 Scare the pants off of
44 “QAF” director McDougall
45 Site of Black Party
46 Born, to Rimbaud
48 Oral input
53 Garment for Bonheur, perhaps
54 Macho dude
56 “Rough” treaty for Clinton to pass
58 Straddled one’s mate
59 Michael and Justin’s gay comic-book creation
60 Daughter of Uranus
61 Male enhancement exaggeration?
65 Family docs

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