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Q Puzzle Clues

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It’s De-Lovely

1 Abercrombie & Fitch event
5 Early AIDS play
9 Where pool players put their balls
13 How far up it goes (abbr.)
14 Homer-phobic Simpson?
15 Pink fruit
16 Cock attachment
17 “Jane ___ ” (Moorehead flick of 1944)
18 Acid head?
19 With 41-Across, Cole Porter song sung by a bottom?
21 Like numerals such as 69
22 Navratilova’s winter home
23 With 60-Across, Cole Porter song about S&M?
25 Vidal’s “Visit ___ Small Planet”
27 Arsenic’s old partner
28 Lurid Billy Masters material
31 W. H. Auden, e.g.
34 Broadway whisper
38 With 50-Across, Cole Porter song about a humiliating serve from Martina?
39 “No glove, no love” subjects
41 See 19-Across
42 “Let’s make it a threesome!”
44 Harvey’s “Hairspray” role
45 Arenas’ house
46 Figure out in your head
48 Kahlo’s that
50 See 38-Across
55 Befoul the Constitution with a hetero definition of marriage, e.g.
59 Insertion marks
60 See 23-Across
62 Not erect
63 Moliere’s mom
64 Top Norse deity
65 First lady with bangs
66 Groups waiting for wedding licenses
67 Sophie B. Hawkins’ “The Cream Will ___”
68 Lanchester of “The Bride of Frankenstein”
69 One of three pieces
70 Links athletic supporters
1 “So long!”
2 Some opera queens
3 Stop working hard
4 Rupert of “The Next Best Thing”
5 Aid’s partner
6 Greet orally
7 Discount rack abbr.
8 Mary, in Montmartre (abbr.)
9 “The Wiz” and others
10 Suspect’s defense in an Ellen Hart novel
11 Like a tutti-frutti holder
12 What you might do with your boots
15 Salsa bands shake them
20 Bowie collaborator Brian
21 “Alone ___ Drive-in Movie” (“Grease”)
24 “Candle in the Wind” singer John
26 Col. Cammermeyer’s onetime address
28 Dyke’s latex
29 Dick Button’s milieu
30 Like D. Kopay, starting in 1972
32 Bridge bid, briefly
33 He comes between Ed and Eddy
35 Boyzone’s “Isn’t ___ Wonder”
36 Buns and shags
37 Emissions-watching org.
39 “Claudine at School” author
40 West of Hollywood
43 Shakespearean character that sounds like “Oh! Feel ya!”?
45 Vidal’s “Season of ___ “
47 Post-lovemaking sighs
49 Saint, in Rio
50 Start of Caesar’s boast
51 Concerning one’s coming out?
52 Prunes, but not fruit
53 “My Fair Lady” composer
54 Current coins of Amsterdam
56 Partner of Steve, but not Adam
57 Racket, but not Mauresmo’s tool
58 P-town beach sights
61 HIV exam, e.g.
63 Where you might see R.E.M.

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