Q Puzzle Clues

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Three Squares

1 Pricks
5 Audre Lorde, to Hunter College
11 Parsons of basketball
14 “Be that ___ may…”
15 Offering from Stephen Pyles
16 Latina writer Castillo
17 With 25-Across, Tru story
19 Butt
20 High opening?
21 Nongay, briefly
22 Ward of “Once and Again”
23 Queen Anne, for one
25 See 17-Across
28 Booty
30 Pro-gay perspective and others
31 Prefix for size or rise
32 Was in bed with
34 “___ my case!” (close for 10-Down)
35 Sarandon/Deneuve vampire film, or another title for this puzzle
38 Illicit love affair
40 Non-Greek Homeric exclamation?
41 Queer ___ three-dollar bill
44 Greek triangles
46 Judy Garland’s “Meet Me in ___ “
49 Lea DeLaria comedy CD
51 Gaydar and such
52 Creator of Sal Mineo’s “Exodus” character
53 “A mouse!”
55 Segments of “The Glass Menagerie”
56 YMCA activity
57 Judy Chicago art exhibit, with “The”
61 Heston was its pres.
62 Cross-dresser’s concern
63 One with a tricky tongue
64 Taxpayer’s ID
65 Priscilla’s queendom
66 Barrie’s Wendy, e.g.
1 Gift of Ellen DeGeneres
2 Yossi or Jagger
3 John of “Arthur”
4 Island of the Black Party’s city
5 Sandy’s sound in “Annie”
6 “Starting Over” bisexual
7 King’s defeat of Riggs, e.g.
8 Figure skater Doug
9 Crack code-cracking org.
10 E. Wolfson or K. Cathcart
11 Sonny and Cher, to Chastity
12 Niles or Frasier
13 What Heather might call her parents?
18 Richard of “Spin City”
22 Gays, technically, after a 1973 APA vote
23 Speed meas. of a Johnny Mathis record
24 1943 site of a conference of Eleanor’s husband
26 Departures for Stephen Stucker, in “Airplane”
27 Money left on the nightstand
29 Sound of the New York Liberty cheerleaders
33 Lemon that isn’t a fruit
35 They’re tossed off into a basket
36 Rwanda native
37 “I have a headache” and “Not tonight, honey”
38 Lovers
39 Frida Kahlo, for one
41 “The Sound of Music” setting
42 Breaks for Almodovar
43 “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s ___”
45 CK One and such
47 Ballet move
48 Ready for action
49 Object of Smithers’ same-sex affection on “The Simpsons”
50 Sonja of 8-Down’s field
54 Smith of “Dawson’s Creek”
57 Mel White, to Mike
58 Sodom suffix
59 Like Esera Tuaolo, from the NFL
60 Periods that last 525,600 min.

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