Q Puzzle Clues

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Clothes Calls
1 Fouls, to the Pinball Wizard
6 “The King and I” setting
10 Type of Mary pass
14 Rainbow Outreach’s city
15 Pod in Craig Claiborne’s gumbo
16 Nick was his master
17 Navratilova’s winter home
18 Start of a quip about gay men, by 56-Across
20 More of the quip
22 You might find them on the trails in Vermont
23 “We ___ Family”
24 Eat away at
26 Get ready for action
29 Obsession of a mauve hanky carrier
31 Article of Marlene Dietrich
34 Blue bottoms
36 More of the quip
39 Word used to stop seamen
40 He gave Jackie her O
41 Trunk of Charles Atlas photos
42 More of the quip
44 Recipient of Bugs’ kisses
45 Dottermans of “Antonia’s Line”
46 “The Wind in the Willows” character
48 David Hyde Pierce alma mater
49 Pull ___ one
51 What you touch when you get to third base?
53 Jack-tar
56 Fashion designer Isaac of this puzzle’s quip
60 End of the quip
63 Falcon grabber
64 Place for a stud
65 With mouth wide open
66 Race site in Auden’s land
67 “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ ___ Head”
68 Horny sound
69 Stimulate a gasper
1 Just so
2 Britney Spears’ “___ Curious”
3 “Dragnet” org.
4 Niles Crane, for example
5 Gays, technically, after a 1973 APA vote
6 Spills one’s seed
7 “Proud Mary” singer Turner
8 Where to find a bear pair
9 Chicago gay bar
10 Ethan of “Hamlet”
11 Queens stadium name
12 Boy George’s “Whether They Like ___ Not”
13 Actor Jude and family
19 Human’s tail?
21 Title for B. Mikulski
24 Rupert of “Stage Beauty”
25 Cut, for example
26 “A ___ for Annie” (HIV film)
27 Mardi Gras, e.g.
28 Maurice of “Bewitched”
30 Is ready for
31 Word for skin
32 Gay porn director Rainier
33 What squirrels do with their nuts
35 Pre-Eppie Beatle Sutcliffe
37 Marie, in Montmartre (abbr.)
38 It can get you wired and make you sweat
43 Shows appreciation, as for a Kate Clinton set
47 Glenn Burke stat
49 “Veronica’s Closet” star
50 B.D. Wong memoir “Following ___ “
52 Mexican friend of Maya Angelou?
53 Hole entered by a Minuteman
54 At once, to the Bard
55 You can get a bang out of its head
56 N.C.O. rank
57 On top of that
58 “By ___ or By Crook” (trans film)
59 “You’ve Got a Friend ___” (“Toy Story” song)
61 I, Claudius?
62 When repeated, campy

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