Q Puzzle Clues

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Rod, and Real

1 Oscar movie for Whoopi Goldberg
6 Places where women might sweat together
10 “___ Want to Do” (Cher song of 1965)
14 Before the cock rises
15 Part used in forking around
16 “Tearoom Trade” author Humphries
17 GLAAD’s “___ the Media” project
18 Out partner
19 Dark version of the color purple
20 Start of a quip
23 Walk like Ratso
26 Where to find lesbianation.com
27 Measure of manhood
28 Like a melody, to Bernstein
30 Court records
31 More of the quip
34 Sign of a Broadway hit
37 They are prayed on at Metropolitan Community Church
38 Born, to George Sand
39 Member of “Split Britches,” with L. Weaver
41 Code on many gay athletes’ luggage in 2002
42 More of the quip
44 “___ a Song Go Out of My Heart” (Mel Torme)
46 Team, for David Kopay
47 Head bones
50 Hawk-chicken difference
52 Lairs of bears
53 End of the quip
56 R.E.M.’s “The ___ Love”
57 Lake that seems to describe a Clive Barker movie?
58 Maurice of “Bewitched”
62 Men-only affair
63 “___ My Way” (“Porgy and Bess” tune)
64 Transportation for Liberace and Elton
65 Gas brand in the land of k.d. lang
66 Apollo launcher
67 Animal part in “The Emperor’s New Groove”
1 When doubled, slang for rectal opening
2 Harry of the Mattachine Society
3 Nonpornographic raw material
4 One who doesn’t come immediately
5 Timothy Daly’s sister
6 Sharon of “If These Walls Could Talk 2”
7 Indiana Fever footwork
8 From the top
9 First shot, for Amelie
10 South American that may climb every mountain
11 Respond to Suzanne Westenhoefer
12 Filthy smackers
13 Head starts?
21 Attachment often found on drawers
22 Earnings at gfn.com
23 Rubbernecks
24 Anita Bryant advertising the juice of fruits, for example
25 Stuck deeply
29 Sound of an inflated doll with a leak
30 ___ bit (slightly)
32 Hand, when measuring a stallion
33 Shatner’s ” ___War”
34 Close one, for a drag queen
35 Artist Arlene
36 Jesse of George Frenn’s field
39 Jim Kolbe, e.g.
40 Movie with Roseanne and Meryl Streep
42 What Judy Wieder means by “stet”
43 Jack McPhee, in “Dawson’s Creek”
44 Color of a “Girls” band
45 Fairy tale, so to speak
47 Selected guys to play with, with “up”
48 Foams at the mouth
49 Calculation for carpet layers
50 Lorca’s “Later!”
51 Susan’s partner in “Thelma and Louise”
54 La Douce role of Shirley MacLaine
55 “Oz” setting
59 Org. for Dr. Susan Love
60 Verlaine’s name
61 F.I.C.A. funds it

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