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Q Puzzle Clues

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This Constitutes an Injustice

1 Section for Bernstein
6 It can bear fruit
10 Home, to Dave Pallone
14 Part of a fashion name
15 Like an erect nipple
16 Where to see “Queer as Folk”
17 Was excessive with the mouth
18 “Exotica” director Egoyan
19 Top draft level
20 With 34-, 45-, and 55-Across, what homophobic amendment supporters seek
23 Sense of who may be gay, e.g.
24 Makes tats
25 Jim Kolbe, e.g.
28 Cher’s portrayer in “Clueless”
31 DeLuise who was in drag in “Haunted Honeymoon”
34 See 20-Across
37 Vidal essay collection
39 Sweaty place
40 Lid for Barrie
42 Hot to trot
43 Lovers hit them
45 See 20-Across
47 Copland capability
48 Pain in the butt
50 Tongue ending
51 Children’s author Jansson
52 Nurses stick these in
55 See 20-Across
61 Like some student bodies
62 Man in a skirt, perhaps
63 Pears, to Britten
65 “How queer!”
66 It comes at the bottom of a list
67 Gale’s “Queer as Folk” role
68 Noble title for Chablis
69 Gets hard
70 “Lesbians ignite!” and more
1 Cold response
2 Make a hole bigger
3 Seward or Klumpke
4 “Alexander” director Oliver
5 Actor Julian of “Naked Lunch” (1991)
6 “Where Is the Life ___ Late I Led” (Cole Porter)
7 Rex Reed and others do this to movies
8 Like stories of Simon Sheppard
9 Sculptor Lewis
10 ” ___ of Leather, Slippers of Gold”
11 Word used in dating
12 Type of father Robert Reed played
13 Actress Le Gallienne
21 On ___ (equipotent)
22 Rudy Galindo, for one
25 Out
26 Marlon Brando’s hometown
27 Matt, who once dressed as J.Lo
29 Where they yell “Cut!”
30 Mosque heads
31 Gay rodeo “lassoee”
32 Black pussy cats, e.g.
33 Come together
35 Key West to South Beach dir.
36 Sailor’s measure of depth
38 Harry of the Mattachine Society
41 Baudelaire’s “Fleurs du ___ “
44 Sex-advice columnist Dan and others
46 Tobias pseudonym
49 Where they stuck it in Caesar
51 Bear type
53 Classical GLAMA award winner Elaine
54 Barneys, e.g.
55 Frat party robe
56 “It’s all in your ___” (“Noodle” slogan)
57 What Pink Pistols pack
58 Julia Morgan wings
59 Like McKellen’s Magneto
60 One that plays with balls at the circus
61 “Finding Nemo” film frame
64 Dr. Kerry Weaver’s helpers

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