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Q Puzzle Clues

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Whoa! Men’s Clothes!

1 Historic Stonewall disturbances
6 No note for a butch
11 Laura Nyro’s “I Met ___ on a Sunday”
14 Fame
15 Ford lemon that was not fruitful
16 Boyzone’s “Isn’t ___ Wonder”
17 With 34-Across, Gwyneth Paltrow cross-dressing flick
19 The Eagle, to NASA
20 LuPone Broadway role
21 Delicious dangler
23 Lesbian’s latex
26 ___ Gay
28 Lief’s tongue
29 Uranian, for example
31 Like a bag of wind
33 Sal Mineo played one in “Rebel Without a Cause”
34 See 17-Across
37 Snake sound
40 Tail for Pluto
41 Greeks’ operation against the Trojans
42 Change partners
43 Heteros, on PlanetOut
44 Cross-dressing role for Julie Andrews
45 Make less difficult to bear
46 Give a piece of one’s mind
48 Like a nervous Nellie
49Looks straight in the eye, say
51 Traffic cop’s tool
55 Colleague of Marlowe
56 Fruitlessly
58 They come on the beach at Provincetown
60 Bisexual singer DiFranco
61 Cross-dressing film directed by Kimberly Peirce
66 Anais who went both ways
67 Instruments shaped like pears
68 Editor Wayne of “Encyclopedia of Homosexuality”
69 Antidiscrimination letters
70 Come as far as
71 Streisand’s cross-dressing movie
1 Second pitches for Del Tredici
2 Rilke’s I
3 Plug attachment
4 Tony Award winner ” ___ Me Out”
5 Weber of “Jeffrey”
6 Up on
7 Like Everett, as a movie husband
8 Family-hetero school org.
9 Word on either bride’s towel
10 Wash out
11 Cross-dresser in 61-Across
12 Michael Musto’s tidbits
13 She came between Bess and Jackie
18 Gay sex, to the Pope
22 ___ Feliz (hip L.A. ‘hood)
23 Activity of Isadora Duncan
24 Ready for anything
25 “Triumph of Love” cross-dresser
27 Part of a club name
30 Summer hrs. at Key West
32 Spit it out, with confidence
34 “Beauty ___ the eye…”
35 More like Rosie’s queendom?
36 Do-over for Martina
38 Full of lip
39 Go lickety-split
42 “___ Me, Feel Me” (song from “Tommy”)
44 ___ spectrum (rainbow flag display)
47 “Once Upon a Mattress” legume
48 Really camp
49 Frasier’s lover in Boston
50 Singer of “Tomorrow”
52 Where to find your first mate
53 Performed, for Shakespeare
54 “Much ___ About Nothing”
57 Common thing?
59 It may get pussy
62 Spreadsheet column, perhaps
63 Anderson Cooper’s network
64 Like D. Kopay, starting in 1972
65 Big initials in fashion

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