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Q Puzzle Clues

By |2004-12-23T09:00:00-05:00December 23rd, 2004|Uncategorized|
Tom Swifties

1 Femme character in “Mango Kiss”
5 Has more than a one-night stand
10 Court records
14 Leave-Beaver bridge
15 Like Emma Donoghue
16 Perks of top seeds
17 “Will’s roomie has poise,” he said ___
19 Org. of fey Dudley Do-Right
20 Emulates Lily Tomlin’s “Celluloid Closet” job
21 Head covers
23 What Dorian Gray never does
24 54, in a Ryan Phillippe flick
25 Left a message at LesbiaNation.com, e.g.
28 Province where you can watch PrideVision
29 Word to someone stroking your tummy
30 Pussy sounds
31 Caesar’s arts
34 United, to Renee Vivien
35 A stamp licker does this later
36 Turn the meat at Hamburger Mary’s
37 Shapely limb, slangily
38 Tale opening
39 Home of Bogart’s falcon?
40 Leatherneck
42 “South Pacific” tree
43 They may lie on the bed together
44 Singer-songwriter Cobain
45 Like 41-Down
46 Got stuffed
50 “Bus Stop” playwright
51 “Benedict’s gone – good riddance,” she said ___
53 Bear market order
54 “___ told by an idiot”: Shakespeare
55 Isherwood’s ” ___ Camera”
56 Maker of some fruity flavors
57 Eva of “Gigi”
58 Middle name of “Jailhouse Rock” singer
1 Express love manually, perhaps
2 It can give a man legs like a lady
3 It comes before 69
4 Ancient Greek gay, perhaps
5 Followed a Rick Rodgers cookbook direction
6 Sets straight
7 Doesn’t feel up
8 Big initials in fashion
9 Lawyers you should skirt
10 Rub the wrong way?
11 “Here come those Dykes on Bikes again,” she said ___
12 Amy Ray’s speed
13 Snakes in the grass
18 Hot to trot
22 Young bears
24 Like a sourpuss
25 Butt ___ (sex toy)
26 Sometime Capote associate Chaplin
27 “I like Bruce Hayes,” he said ___
28 Queer choir?
30 S/M reminders
32 First name among lesbian writers
33 Nine inches
35 Where cross-dressers cruise?
36 Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky piece
38 Chicago ___ Press
39 Novelist Corelli
41 Kushner’s ” ___ in America”
42 Bates’ job in “Gosford Park”
43 Like Bernstein’s paper
44 Artist Frida
45 Like three men that visited Mary

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