Q Puzzle Clues

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1 Cumming in drag?
5 Maurice of “Bewitched”
10 Lyricist Fred and family
14 Kramer, to Yale
15 Man with a steel rod
16 Strip a fruit
17 Fielder’s call, to Bean
18 “One of Ours” novelist Cather
19 Word with top, for Mauresmo
20 Lesbian shooter
23 Sex orientation determiner, some say
24 One, for James M. Barrie
25 What a guy does nocturnally
27 To date, but not to go out with
29 Shoot your wad
33 Vita Sackville-West’s last letter
34 Butler of “Frasier”
36 Hurry, to Shakespeare
37 Part of the equipment for the women in this puzzle
38 Lesbian shooter
41 Tail for Pluto?
43 Enjoy Nick Malgieri
44 “The Opposite of Sex” director Roos
45 Helmet add-on for TV
46 Halliwell’s partner
48 Rent period
52 Type of space for online sex
54 Bill written by Alice Paul
56 Water, to Debussy
57 Lesbian shooter
62 Actor Rip
63 Beach of a White Party
64 Makes hot
65 You may go down on one
66 Minnesota state senator Spear
67 Piece of Kahlo’s cash
68 Poems of Sappho
69 Love objects
70 Rosie O’Donnell’s “Exit to ___ ”
1 Queer letter
2 Sigourney Weaver sequel
3 What you could catch at South Beach
4 Foe of Peter Pan
5 Stu of early TV
6 Nathan Lane does these for movies
7 ___ Together (group for gay physically challenged)
8 Emeril’s restaurant in New Orleans’ French Quarter
9 Prick
10 Race site in the land of 12-Down
11 John, in a da Vinci painting
12 “War Requiem” composer Benjamin
13 Title for B. Mikulski
21 Concerning one’s coming out?
22 ___ death (loss of interest)
26 Radical campus group that predated Stonewall
28 Emulate Max Lau of “Noodle”
30 It gets shot, in this puzzle’s theme
31 Rilke’s ice
32 Teena Marie’s “I ___ Your Lovin'”
35 Glenn Burke, formerly
37 California Assemblymember Mark
38 Boy Scout gathering
39 Robertson, who accused lesbians of witchcraft
40 1950 Barbara Stanwyck flick ” ___ of Her Own”
41 Prog. of Eleanor’s husband
42 Mason portrayer Burr
46 NGLTF or HRC, e.g.
47 Julie of “To Wong Foo…” fame
49 Came close to
50 Gay in the library
51 “Giant” Rock
53 Sea eagles
55 Straps at Rita’s stable
58 “Diary of ___ Housewife”
59 “Aida” backdrop
60 GLAAD fundraiser, e.g.
61 Use a trick towel
62 Boxing ref’s end to a butt-whipping

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