Q Puzzle Clues

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Beyond Leviticus

1 ___ Raff (“Rocky Horror” character)
5 Maupin stories
10 Supporters of femmes
14 Morales of “Resurrection Blvd.”
15 Like crisp prose (or the prose of Crisp?)
16 Land of Emma Donoghue
17 Manhandle, with “with”
18 Title for 25-Across in drag?
19 Harold’s problem in “The Boys in the Band”
20 With 52-Across, Bible verse about gay-friendly churches?
23 “Ed Wood” role
24 Actress Kunis of “That ’70s Show”
25 Movie about painter Kahlo
27 “Is ___?” (Last Supper question)
30 Word for skin
33 Went lickety-split
34 Come upon
37 Young lady coming out
38 ” ___ the Band Played On”
39 Gospel source of the verse
40 Where to see Goth Talk
41 Date for Caesar
43 Bone of John the Baptist, e.g.
44 Major or minor, to Jerry Herman
45 What the Greeks plucked
47 ” ___ Miz”
48 Peter Pears, for one
49 Gay Talese’s ” ___ Neighbor’s Wife”
51 James Dean’s “East of Eden” role
52 See 20-Across
59 All-night dance party
60 Make noise in bed
61 Emulate an eagle or a falcon
63 Protected, to seamen
64 Stars that shoot off
65 Seasoning for Rick Rodgers
66 Gay wedding guide author Ayers
67 Erect
68 Steve’s partner
1 Big name in wine
2 Niles Crane response to a patient
3 “Querelle” director
4 Tried to catch porgy and bass<;br/>5 “Bust a Nut” band
6 Jump for Doug Mattis
7 Like Steven Cojocaru’s hair
8 Subj. for John Nash
9 Antigay Thurmond
10 One managed by Epstein
11 Miranda of “The Hours”
12 Minnesota governor Carlson
13 Come across as
21 It arouses you in bed
22 Rosie Jones’ partner, to golf, perhaps
25 On one’s last legs
26 Harrison of “Queer as Folk”
27 Computer company with domestic partner benefits
28 Sir, to Elton John
29 Vonda Shepard’s “It’s ___ Kiss”
31 “The evil that ___ lives after them” (Shakespeare)
32 More up to it
35 Un-civil union of the ’50s between Egypt and Syr.
36 Dick, for short
42 Courting seats
44 “Talking to My Angel” singer Etheridge
46 Gag order?
48 T, to a “Homer-phile”
50 Simple kind of question
51 Belief statement at Metropolitan Community Church
52 “Show Boat” bundle
53 Part of YSL
54 Privy to
55 Bush’s right-hand man
56 Lebowitz or Drescher
57 One that attacks a fly
58 Student org. for “family” and friends
59 Sarah Schulman novel ” ___ Bohemia”
62 “Losing My Religion” band

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