Q Puzzle Clues

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Lip Service

1 Arrange by penile length, e.g.
5 Lake, of “Hairspray”
10 Served perfectly, to Mauresmo
14 It slicks Feniger’s pan
15 Sign in Frasier’s booth, perhaps
16 “___ Hai”
17 With 38- and 62-Across, words to Natalie Barney, from Colette
20 What a drag queen may use on her nails
21 “Miz ___ Sez” (poetry set to music by Del Tredici)
22 Where to join GSA
23 Not closed, to Shakespeare
24 Small quantity of lube, e.g.
27 Woodworker’s tool
28 Went down on
29 Void’s partner
31 Biweekly tide
33 Stud fees?
35 Gas brand in the land of k.d. lang
36 Ref. for Woolf
37 Prepare Parmesan, say
38 See 17-Across
41 Do an Oscar winner’s job
43 Plug attachment
44 Middle name of Mary Tyler Moore’s “Change of Habit” costar
48 Bread spoiler, to B. Britten
49 Some watch faces
50 Roman deity identified with Diana
51 Prepare to shoot
52 Shrek’s shoe size, perhaps
54 You might say it when you get it
56 ___ Francisco
57 Rimbaud’s king
58 Illegal block by Esera Tuaola
60 Out
62 See 17-Across
66 Boy George’s “Whether They Like ___ Not”
67 Style Tracy Turnblad’s hair
68 Long, narrow opening
69 In need of BenGay
70 Penetrate
71 “Showboat”‘s “Nobody ___ But Me”
1 Elton John’s “You Got to Love ___”
2 Home of the Greek gods
3 Fixes a pump, perhaps
4 Madonna’s Blonde Ambition, e.g.
5 Filmmaker Epstein
6 Pinch opening?
7 “___ Get a Witness” (Marvin Gaye)
8 Emulate the SLA with Patty Hearst
9 Got under one’s skin
10 Muscle Mary’s pride
11 Impressionist Mary
12 Dan Stewart after the votes were counted, e.g.
13 Nick Malgieri offerings
18 Code on many gay athletes’ luggage in 2002
19 Cross-dressing comedian Eddie
25 Aim e of “Pret a Porter”
26 One with a foamy head
30 Word in the second Scout law
32 For this, for Caesar
34 ___ T. Lardbottom of “Kudzu”
37 Grind together
39 Next to bat, to Billy Bean
40 Gallo portrayer in “And the Band Played On”
41 City of “Xtra”
42 Where to stick your cigar
45 “Queer as Folk” writer Davies
46 Reputedly well-endowed Ari
47 Title woman in a 1925 Broadway hit
48 Gay section of Paris
49 “The Mating Season” director Mitchell
53 Top
55 Very hairy swinger
59 Exam for high-school jrs.
61 Top target, in the country of Brian Epstein
63 Land of singer S. O’Connor
64 “Cats” inspirer’s monogram
65 Cukor’s “A Life of ___ Own”

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