Q Puzzle Clues

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Remembering Susan

1 High place with a flat top
5 Fannie Flagg’s ” ___ Green Tomatoes”
10 Davis of “Querelle”
14 Made a hole-in-one, to Sheehan
15 ” ___ and Jaguar”
;16 Uncommon, to Nero
17 Sontag historical novel
20 “Razor’s Edge” author Maugham
21 Seminal computer
22 Robert of “Roots”
23 Like a Marc Jacobs ensemble
25 Leaves out
28 Like 33-Across
32 With 55-Across, Sontag essay on illness
33 Hot dish for Susan Feniger
35 “A Chorus Line” tune
36 Inventor’s monogram
37 With 41-Across, Sontag treatise on gay male culture
38 Turtleneck alternative
39 Marilyn Monroe’s two big ones
40 Gertrude Stein in Paris, and others
41 See 37-Across
42 Brown memoir
44 Operates like a chickenhawk
45 Diggs play about leased digs
46 International follower?
48 Bishop and Teasdale
51 Tammy Baldwin or Barney Frank
55 See 32-Across
58 Park of Queens
59 Layers beneath a groom and groom
60 First name among lesbian poets
61 “Leave that alone!” to Judy Wieder
62 Rosie’s favorite dolls
63 Greek oracle, e.g.
1 Sweaty guys get pinned to them
2 Sound in a Star Canyon restaurant?
3 Come across as
4 Spots, in the land of Britten
5 The F word, on some tests
6 Made grain-sized
7 “___ my wit’s end!” (cry of a bottom comic’s lover?)
8 Shakespeare’s dusk
9 To God, to Gaius Julius Caesar
10 One well-hung and making big bucks
11 Singer Norah’s father
12 Architecture, to Philip Johnson
13 Military cross-dresser Jeanne ___
18 Shaft output
19 “Midnight” director Mitchell
23 Cut out
24 Circles over Mary and Peter
25 Rock Hudson’s “Gun Fury,” for one
26 Beach of a White Party
27 That is, to Cicero
28 Notice a cologne queen
29 Stars that shoot off
30 Fred Phelps, to gay community
31 Whitman’s “Rise O Days from Your Fathomless ___”
33 Asp secretion for Cleopatra
34 Not straight
37 Most like Mr. Right Now
41 Scenes with Mary
43 Nancy Azara, for example
44 Plunk down your rear
46 Prefix with sexual
47 Come together
48 Average scores for Patty Sheehan
49 Like a top
50 Warhol pal ___ Sedgwick
51 Hold gay sex sinful, for example
52 Straddled one’s mate
53 Minnesota governor Carlson
54 Peter the Great
56 Marie, in Montmartre (abbr.)
57 Thousandth of an angry inch?

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