Q Puzzle Clues

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Reel Queers

1 Downloads from badpuppy.com
5 Gives a hand job to?
10 Tutti-frutti ingredient
14 Warhol pal ___ Sedgwick
15 Controversial path for same-sex partners
16 Adam, created by a woman named George
17 Senator from Tennessee Williams’ home state
18 “Candle in the Wind” singer John
19 Site of Bosie’s pre-Oscar parties
20 Nicole Kidman’s Oscar-winning role
23 “Come out of the closet,” for example
24 MTF operation
25 Golden Girl McClanahan
28 Mattachine org.
29 Cheeky
33 Celebrations at Beth Simchat Torah
35 Peter Allen’s “Once ___ I Go”
37 City of Dick Button’s Olympics fame
38 Kate Winslet’s Oscar-nominated role
41 Nathan of “The Producers”
43 It tops a B
44 Oscar Wilde’s partner Douglas
47 Moss in Jamie O’Neill’s country
48 Be in bed, maybe
51 k. d. lang’s “Big Boned ___”
52 Bush cut?
54 Nero’s land
56 Charlize Theron’s Oscar-winning role
61 ___ erectus
63 Hits high fly balls
64 They’re tiny but attractive
65 Place for a Malgieri pastry
66 Lord Byron, for one
67 1963 movie role for Liz
68 Out-of-this-world org.
69 They come during finals week
70 Changes from a couple to a threesome
1 Piece of ass?
2 1966 Mary Martin musical
3 Like some fruit’s acid
4 Ready tail?
5 Columnist Herb
6 Taylor of “I Shot Andy Warhol”
7 Nick was his master
8 Prepares for spilling seed
9 Men, to Kahlo
10 First man to say to a man, “You slay me!”?
11 Show sexual interest
12 “Much ___ About Nothing”
13 Kevin Bacon in “Footloose”
21 Designer in Julia Morgan’s field
22 Fruit sugar ending
26 www.stopaids.org, e.g.
27 This, to Reinaldo Arenas
30 Georgia O’Keeffe’s pair
31 Caesar’s city
32 Queen that beats a king
34 Friend of Snow White and more
35 Title for Uncle Remus’ bear
36 Lake traveled by Ohio ferries
38 One way to go down
39 Sex orientation determiner, some say
40 Openly gay with
41 Get behind
42 Home st. of Jim Nabors
45 Eliza Doolittle’s ‘ades?
46 “Alec Baldwin ___ Love Me”
48 Harvey, in “Torch Song Trilogy”
49 Put the hot stuff to one’s pants
50 Gay rodeo accessories
53 Tearoom possibility
55 Lesbian Bianca’s mom on a soap opera
57 Island of Barrie’s land
58 Tool points
59 World of Ulrichs
60 Objectifies, sexually
61 Title for T. Baldwin
62 Breeder need

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