Q Puzzle Clues

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High-class architect

1 Terence of “Priscilla”
6 The Indigo Girls’ “___ Mia”
10 Legal org. that argued the Massachusetts marriage case
14 Very, in opera
15 Barbra’s “Funny Girl” guy
16 Suction head
17 Johnson and van der Rohe designed one for AT&T in Manhattan
19 Britten’s pub potables
20 Dir. for your first mate
21 Lip service?
22 Robert Redford’s ” ___ Daisy Clover”
24 Laura Nyro’s “___ Him on a Sunday”
25 Nero’s bird
26 In the closet
29 Barred bed
30 Top score for Patty Sheehan
33 Firm-fleshed fruit
34 Superman portrayer Dean
35 ___ about (roughly)
36 Johnson designed it for MOMA
39 South Beach mementos
40 Sea bordering Kazakhstan
41 Porn director Chi Chi
42 Writer Castillo
43 Lurid Billy Masters material
44 John or Ethel
45 Like communion at the Crystal Cathedral
46 Nathan of “The Producers”
47 Margaret Cho’s brother on “All American Girl”
50 Cub who knows how to wave his stick
51 Like the decor at an Ian Schrager hotel
54 Island of Queen’s Surf and Diamond Head Beach
55 Johnson designed one for Rockefeller’s home
58 Cole Porter song “Miss ___ Regrets”
59 “Wot’s It ___?” (Robbie Nevil song)
60 Jacobi of “Breaking the Code”
61 Wreck with balls, perhaps
62 James Dean’s “East of ___ “
63 Fred’s first partner
1 Abuse orally
2 Sounds of Jerry Falwell for gay people
3 “…long ___ both shall live?”
4 Rainey and Kettle
5 Drink in a gay bar?
6 Go down on a hill
7 REM gear
8 Charlotte of “Facts of Life”
9 Coming
10 With 45-Down, Johnson designed this home for himself
11 Taylor of “Six Feet Under”
12 Did a bad imitation of Bette Davis
13 Amount from Dr. Kerry Weaver
18 Rimbaud’s zip
23 Pointy protrusion
24 Kelly Clarkson and Will Young, e.g.
25 Plath poetry collection
26 Until, in Sitges
27 Culture of Peru before the white man came
28 “Nightwood” author Barnes
29 Weight unit for David Diamond?
30 “Corydon” author Gide
31 Colette’s heart
32 Sea eagles
34 Tim of “Rocky Horror” fame
35 Use a gifted tongue
37 Scandal involving bottoms?
38 Gallo portrayer in “And the Band Played On”
43 “Happy Endings” director Roos
44 Cary Grant’s “I ___ Male War Bride”
45 See 10-Down
46 Gay screenwriter John, of “The Aviator”
47 Crude antigay dude, for example
48 What a computer may spit out
49 Bang opening?
50 It makes watching porn harder
51 Moliere’s mom
52 Hershiser, whose name sounds like a kind of sex?
53 Alison Bechdel cartoon character
56 Poet McKuen
57 Was out in front

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