Q Puzzle Clues

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Bald and Beautiful


1 Depp’s cross-dressing role
5 Style of Marcel Duchamp
9 Raise the price of, at Barneys
14 Ellen’s ex
15 Artist Robert
16 With “fours,” doggy-style
17 The L.A. Sparks strip them
18 Dalai ___, for whom Richard Gere is a spokesperson
19 Rio step
20 Donor dad for Melissa’s children
23 Moraga’s month
24 Squeak in The Color Purple
25 Boxing ref’s end to a butt-whipping
26 Bette Davis feature of song
27 Macho dudes
30 Big Lovely singer Toshi
32 Island in gay Paree
33 Reproduced without sex, for short
35 Emulates Paul Cadmus
39 With 41-Across, song performed by Melissa at 2005 Grammys
41 See 39-Across
;42 Planet out by Uranus
43 Lambda Legal Defense suit, e.g.
44 Place for porking?
45 Drag queen’s shoe feature
47 Condom material
49 Doesn’t feel up
52 Pirates’ drink
53 Bug with two homonyms
54 Burmese statesman that goes either way?
55 Singer who influenced Melissa< 60 Company that recorded "Over the Rainbow" 62 It slicks Feniger's pan 63 Gary Glickman novel 64 Got under one's skin 65 Glenn Burke, formerly ;66 Barbra, Judy, or Bette 67 What Carson Kressley gives to straight guys ;68 "___ in the Clowns" 69 Janet or niece Hunter Down

1 Fairy godmother’s stick
2 Top draft level&
3 Where to see Will & Grace
4 Handle on a streetcar, for Williams?
5 Pasolini’s sweet
6 On ___ (equipotent)
7 Took a stripe from, in the navy, e.g.
8 State of polar bears
9 Pink
10 Bambi character that wasn’t horny?
11 Melissa’s wife
12 Three Tall Women writer
13 The ___ Menagerie< 21 Nureyev and Fosse 22 Scores above par, for Sheehan 26 Suffix with prefer 27 RuPaul swings them 28 East of Eden director Kazan 29 Event for George Frenn 30 Money back from Intl. Male 31 Moor drama< 34 Type of folk dancing 36 Auxiliary verb for Christopher Marlowe 37 Art deco design name 38 Where to catch a ferry underground 40 Circumcises 41 Where to find San Francisco and Provincetown 43 Sexual Personae author Paglia 46 Sentences needing a touch-up from Brendan Lemon, say 48 Family employee 49 Subjects of autoerotic fantasy? 50 Not potent 51 Recent Melissa CD< 53 You might see this on an Olivia cruise to Alaska 55 Nugent's "Smoke, Lilies, and ___" 56 James Baldwin's The Evidence of Things Not ___ 57 A head of Time 58 Muscle Marys pump it 59 Second opening? 61 Beauty and the Beast film frame

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