Q Puzzle Clues

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Queer Car-ma

1 Belle’s companion
5 Like the cheeks of one who streaks
10 Harold’s problem in The Boys in the Band
14 Ms. Swan portrayer Borstein
15 Dirty Dancing director Ardolino
16 ___ Garcia Bernal
17 Nathan of The Birdcage
18 Charges at a Kimpton hotel
19 Sea bordering Uzbekistan
20 Honest Abe’s flyboy?
23 Prefix that may have sex
24 Tie the knot (in Massachusetts, but elsewhere…not!)
25 Knock-down-drag-out
27 Joe of JFK
29 Black key for Elton John
33 McKellen of Gods and Monsters
34 Prov. of Xtra
36 Chicago director Marshall
37 Intro to many words?
38 Hostess Mabel’s ambassador?
42 Greek vases
43 Columbus circuit-party color
44 Georgia O’Keeffe’s pair
45 Like Esera Tuaolo, from the NFL
46 Rice dish with nuts and fruits
48 Pits, with “the”
52 Gross Anatomy actress Christine
54 Emissions-watching org.
56 Hot time for Colette
57 Singer Freddie’s seaman?
62 Care beginning
63 Graf to Navratilova, once
64 Bird in a Prince song
65 ___ Jawed Angels
66 Cologne queen characteristic
67 Props for frat hazing
68 Wine region of da Vinci’s land
69 They may be kissed or kicked
70 Tales of the City’s Madrigal

1 Be the guy on bottom?
2 GLAMA award winner Valby
3 Billie Jean’s game
4 Title for producer R. Cowen or D. Lipman
5 Sometime cross-dressing comic Milton
6 Bearse of Married…with Children
7 Rubyfruit Jungle novelist ___ Mae Brown
8 How far up it goes (abbr.)
9 Ball lover
10 A marble player may shoot it off
11 With “North,” Maupin’s birth state
12 Setting of Sal Mineo’s Exodus
13 Wing for Julia Morgan
21 In the hole
22 6 in., e.g.
26 Bowie collaborator Brian
28 P-town catches
30 Bi role for Salma
31 Cut
32 Ready and willing partner?
35 Hatcher of Desperate Housewives
37 Britney Spears’ “___ Curious”
38 Joseph with the Technicolor coat, and others
39 When punctual people come
40 Martin of the Daughters of Bilitis
41 B.D. Wong’s Men ___
42 www.stopaids.org, e.g.
46 It’s a snap for Morgan Gwenwald
47 Young man’s part in Shakespeare’s day
49 Fame
50 Weber of Jeffrey
51 Weatherspoon of the WNBA
53 Lopez, who sang about a fruit tree
55 Necrophiliac’s bedsheets?
58 Bear overhead
59 Puts the tongue between the cheeks
60 Part of YSL
61 It comes out of your head
62 She plays Jenny on The L Word

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