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Q Puzzle Clues

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Out of the Drag Queen’s Closet

1 Guitar motifs from Etheridge
6 Clumsy come-on
10 Charles of “Threesome”
14 Gay porn director Francis
15 Uncommon, to Caligula
16 Photographer Catherine
17 What Vampires suck
18 Alternative to “Go straight”
19 Part of Caesar’s boast
20 What a drag queen wears to go fishing?
23 Outing in Africa
26 Educational level of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales
27 Get hard< 28 Coming attractions? 30 Filmmaker Kenneth's family 32 One with a sharp butt 33 Many, many moons 36 Stats from "A League of Their Own" 37 What a drag queen wears to the gym? 40 Billy Elliot portrayer Jamie 42 "Jeffrey" won one 43 Chicken hawk's pad? 47 Feel rancor about 49 Senator with a bear? 51 Cause of Venus envy? 52 "Aida" solo 55 Throw out of a bar ;56 What a drag queen wears to stuff a turkey? 59 Sometime Capote associate Chaplin 60 Supporter of Julia Morgan? 61 "Do-Re-Mi" subject 65 Cut glass 66 "Ziegfeld Follies" costume designer 67 First name in talk 68 "A Boy Named Sue" writer Silverstein 69 A Brit soldier may shoot it off 70 "Terminal Bar" playwright Paul Down
1 “Gone with the Wind” extra
2 Will descriptor
;3 “Alice” waitress
4 “Criminal” singer
5 Commemorations at Beth Chayim Chadashim
6 They’re performing, in “Fame”
7 Like Beard’s cuisine
8 Swashbuckling Flynn
9 “Man of La ___ ”
10 Rock’s Bon ___
11 Where to go with your first mate
12 Boy George and the Indigo Girls
13 A dick investigates them&
21 Nile Rodgers’ “Good ___”
22 Ralph of Glenn Burke’s sport
23 Spill one’s seed
;24 Constellation over Rio
25 3-pointers to Kopay
29 Gay nightlife district of London
31 Arthur, to Tabitha
34 Result of excessive circumcision
35 Swallow alternative
38 Bones below elbows
39 Bannon’s Brinker
40 Make arrangements for a gay wedding, e.g.
41 Linda Villarosa’s magazine, once
44 One to Ulrichs
45 Premature ejaculation meas.
46 Poet who inspired “Cats,” initially
47 Changes a decorator’s work
48 “Two ___” (Frankie Goes to Hollywood hit)
50 Uses a divining rod
53 Not potent
54 A marble player may shoot it off
57 Comedian from Siberry’s homeland
58 They were under Hoover
62 “I Could Have Danced ___ Night”
63 Non-Judy garland
64 C. Marlowe’s tongue

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