Q Puzzle Clues

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Take Ten


1 Groups of Moby Dick’s species
5 Emulates Bruce Hayes
10 David Brinkley’s longtime partner Huntley
14 It comes at the bottom of a list
15 Trans movie “By Hook or By ___ ”
16 “I Could ___ Danced All Night”
17 “A Streetcar Named Desire” director Kazan
18 Very queer
19 Suffix with decor
20 Lesbian painter putting out a feeler?
23 Neither Log Cabin Rep. nor Stonewall Dem.
24 Staying power, in “Variety”
;25 Makes out
;26 Photos from “Mambo Italiano”
28 “…see ___ will believe…”
;29 Top-secret org.
30 Daniel Harris’ “The ___ and Fall of Gay Culture”
31 Like a muscle Mary
34 Movie about a lesbian discipline?
39 You ride them in gay pride parades
40 Man in a skirt, perhaps
42 Eve Plumb’s Brady Bunch girl
45 Enjoy Stephen Pyles
46 One of Cleopatra’s charms
48 Likely to butt heads
50 Nick was his master
52 R.E.M.’s former record label
53 Perform a rite for a SNL actor?
56 “Gay ___ Sutra”
57 Illinois town often mentioned on “Roseanne”
58 Prissy temper tantrum
60 ___ instant (like premature ejaculation)
61 Het up
62 In the year, to Nero
63 Barry Humphries’ Dame
64 Voyeurs, e.g.
65 Queens’ ___ Park


1 Half of a Greta Garbo monogram
2 Provincetown’s ___ House
3 Piece de resistance at Star Canyon
4 Supporter of bedroom activity
5 Teatime treats for Alan Cumming
6 Squeezed water out of
7 Vowels of Sappho
8 Early Robin Williams role
9 One who always has a bone?
10 Top dog
11 Bonnet securer
12 Causes to come out
13 Weatherspoon of the WNBA
21 Wing for Philip Johnson
22 Treating as a sexual object
23 Land of the cut (abbr.)
27 Statue’s modesty protector
28 “The Unicorn” author Murdoch
31 A gentleman might pull one out for his date
32 Where to find Kerry Weaver on “ER”
33 Infatuated with Mr. Right Now
35 Gay ski weekends rides
36 Places for hot buns
37 Poet Moore
38 Lovesick feeling
41 R. Simmons helps you lose them
;42 “Moms” Mabley
43 A good place to keep lube
44 Director Rene of “Longtime Companion”
46 They may be one-night
47 ” ___ on a Hot Tin Roof”
49 Beloved princess
50 Avoid going straight
51 Biathlete, for one
54 Foundation for Humanity name
55 Peter, for one
59 When repeated, campy

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