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Q Puzzle Clues

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You Are What You Eat

Across 1 Madonna’s “___ Don’t Preach”

5 Beau chaser
10 DeGeneres’ “Finding ___ ”
14 Ed. range of many of Rosie’s and Elmo’s fans
15 Lover of Henry and June
16 Spit it out, with confidence
17 Billy Budd, and mates
18 HRC and GLAAD fundraisers
19 It made the Titanic go down
20 Under-endowed Stephen?
22 Desmond of “Sunset Boulevard”
23 Biblical prophet married to Gomer
24 Novice Billy?
27 Poem of Sappho
28 Rte. 69, e.g.
30 Colette’s Mrs.
31 Contraction in a carol about gay apparel
32 Money piece for a lesbiana
34 Confetti-throwing comedian Taylor
35 Possible result of unsafe sex
36 Lewd Christopher?
39 Heart ward, for short
41 “Five Guys Named ___ ”
42 Walks down 4-Down again
46 “That was good, honey!”
47 E. Wolfson, for one
48 Fam. member
49 Jim Kolbe, e.g.
50 With 56-Across, pick up Francis?
53 Poet Dickinson
55 Count contemporary of Ethel Waters
56 See 50-Across
58 Sign of the end of women?
59 “The Mystery of ___ Drood”
61 Maupin’s ” ___ of You”
62 Q to a Scrabble player
63 Gide’s subway
64 Crude material
65 Smart-ass output
66 Some band members blow them
67 Untouchable head

1 ___ Boys, of “Closer to Heaven”
2 With tutti-frutti, perhaps
3 “Lesbians Ignite” and “Queers Bash Back”
4 Gay partners can walk it in Massachusetts
5 Captain’s hook
6 Zip
7 Lusty deity of antiquity
8 Do the master’s work
9 You can’t be straight or lesbian without this
10 One with a big bag of money
11 Rupert of “Stage Beauty”
12 Little one of Howard Ashman lyrics
13 Keyboardists finger them
21 “Jack & Bobby” actress Christine
22 Dallas-to-Duluth dir.
25 Arab head
26 Gore Vidal novel
29 Characteristic of show host Ellen
33 Univ. URL ending
34 Seed spilled by some farmers
35 Work under Edith Head, perhaps
37 Revealing role in “The Wizard of Oz”
38 “Advocate” cover, often
39 Term of endearment for Irene?
40 Tools for Michelangelo
43 Frasier or Niles
44 ” ___ Claiborne” (Kathy Bates title role)
45 Characteristic of a fox
46 Top Trappists
47 Personal-ad stat
48 Make an employee again
51 Teams in “A League of Their Own”
52 Abbr. on a class schedule
54 Burr role
57 Name that rhymes with a dick?
59 Band that recorded “Unbelievable”
60 Nero’s “Of God”

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