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INSTRUCTIONS: Everyone knows how some artists are a little weird and go over the edge. In this puzzle, 10 of the answers will not fit the grid and go over the edge of the puzzle by one letter. The 10 letters beyond the edge of the puzzle can be anagrammed into the names of two works by a gay-identified artist of the Renaissance.


1 Large phallus painter Picasso
5 “Quo ___?” (novel about Nero’s time)
10 Hangs loose
14 “Chicago” co-producer Meron
15 “The L Word” creator Chaiken
16 He had a blow job … with a trumpet
17 Most countries in this org. don’t ban gays in the mil.
18 “The Gay Caballero” star Romero
19 Architecture, to Julia Morgan
20 It may come before long
21 Wall painting by 53-Across
23 Sauce for two sailors?
25 Friend of Rimbaud
26 It goes after butt and tail
27 Sexual orientation, e.g.
28 Homoerotic tail?
30 James, who shot off in “Gunsmoke”
32 They’re trained to use paddles
33 Feeling of hitting rock bottom
34 Mattachine Society magazine
35 Location of 21-Across
40 http://www.lesbian.com, e.g.
41 Betty, to Ellen
42 What little things mean, in a Cher song
44 Where to find your first mate
47 Fruity dispenser candy
48 Come slowly closer
49 Tic ___ (sometimes fruit mint)
50 Porter’s “___ Got You Under You Under My Skin”
52 Novelist Maso
53 Gay-identified Renaissance artist of this puzzle
57 ___ Mae Brown
58 “Leave that alone!” to Brendon Lemon
59 You might pick one up in an alley
60 Strip in the locker room
61 Russian River deposit
62 “Connie and ___ ”
63 CK One emanation
64 NCAA home of the Bruins
65 Aged, to Shakespeare
66 Like “The Best Little Boy in the World”


1 Bening of “American Beauty”
2 Hairy limbs?
3 Michael Cunningham and others
4 Like sex for one
5 Parish priest
6 Stein fillers
7 That is, to Cicero
8 With one’s ass in a sling
9 Vital fluid
10 Have sex on a carpet?
11 Earhart’s male counterparts
12 Gay novelist Harlan
13 They may be one-night
21 J. Caesar’s tongue, or back muscle
22 Royal AIDS advocate
24 Poor trick rag
28 It’s tiny but attractive
29 Part of a “Tommy” title
31 Fix up, but not with a date
33 Wheaton of “Fag Hag”
34 Bit of resistance on the circuit
36 Chase behind
37 Kid of a parent’s sib
38 Kevin Kline film “The Road to ___ ”
39 What Kojak sucks on
43 Is about to go down, perhaps
44 Up for debate
45 Ploy for a master baiter and switcher, e.g.
46 “Julia” co-star Maximilian
47 Prison friend?
48 Saint, in Rio
51 Explorer ___ da Gama
52 Sober partner
54 ___ Candy (“Wonder Woman” character)
55 Avant-___ (like Warhol)
56 Kenton, who directed Barbara Stanwyck in “Mexicali Rose”
60 Dorothy’s dog

ANSWER TO ANAGRAM: The letters beyond the edge can be anagrammed into MOSES and PIETA.

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