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Q Puzzle Clues

By | 2005-06-16T09:00:00-04:00 June 16th, 2005|Entertainment|
My Sweet Lorde

1 Gooey stuff left on your lips
5 Columnist Murillo
10 Hit boxers
14 Voyeur’s confession?
15 John of “Aida” fame
16 Fey of “SNL”‘s Weekend Update
17 “Femme’s Guide to the Universe” author Rednour
18 24-Across, for one
19 “I Shot ___ Warhol”
20 Audre Lorde’s birthplace
23 “Ready ___, here I come!”
24 Movie critic Rex
25 Pose for Diana Davies
28 It may come at the end of a love letter
29 Hoover hookup that sucks
32 Greek triangle
34 Laura portrayer in “Tea and Sympathy”
37 End of Caesar’s boast
38 With 40-Across, Audre Lorde’s life partner
40 See 38-Across
42 Antigay prejudice, e.g.
43 Will subjects
45 Langston Hughes’ “The Weary ___”
47 His grandmother had a Woody
48 Family docs
51 Org. for Peter Paige
52 R. Nureyev’s land, once
55 Spacey’s “The ___ Suspects”
57 Audre Lorde graduated from and taught here
61 “Sodomy” musical
63 Concerning tits, dickeys, etc.
64 Island of Lost Souls director Kenton
65 Chelsea Pines and Lands End
66 Witherspoon of “Legally Blonde 2”
67 Wet spot cause
68 Student org. for “family” and friends
69 Rear follower
70 Sailors cruise on them
1 Poet Elizabeth
2 Black key for Elton John
3 Masters
4 Williams’ significant other
5 Long-lasting wave
6 “The Spell” author Hollinghurst
7 Tongue user
8 “My Fair Lady” composer
9 Way to serve your meat
10 Gertrude Lawrence musical biopic
11 Undergarment worn for a discharge?
12 ” ___ the Band Played On”
13 “Rebel Without a Cause” director Nicholas
21 It puts people out
22 Queer
26 Problem for skin
27 Figure skater Babilonia
30 “Jeffrey” won one
31 In order (to)
33 Eater of forbidden fruit, and others
34 Meds amount
35 Open a crack
36 Lanford Wilson’s “The ___ Baltimore”
38 Monster head?
39 Responding to a Suzanne Westenhoefer set
41 Capital of Margaret Cho’s ancestral home
42 Air rifles shoot them off
44 Hung back
46 Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the ___ ”
48 Bonheur’s war
49 “Sexual Personae” author Camille
50 Beds, with “with”
53 Gawk like a chicken hawk
54 Nine, with an AOL ruler?
56 Gay ski weekends rides
58 Bear of the night
59 Lambda Legal Defense suit, e.g.
60 Like a straight line, for short
61 Stone butch’s towel word?
62 Writer Castillo

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